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Russian elites had a dream to converge, or perhaps even better term would be to "join in ecstasy" with the Western elites since the passing of Leonid Brezhnev in 1982, when Yuriy Andropov came to power for a short period of time before he passed away too. But the process didn't stop with Andropov's passing. Deep in the bowels of the Soviet power structures people like Gorbachev, Shevardnadze, Yakovlev and countless others were getting ready to step forward and prepping the country for a big sell off that came in 1991, but especially in 1993 after Yeltsin used tanks to supress opposition by Parliament. A known Russian philosopher, playwright and leader of the movement "The Essence of Time" (Суть Времени), Sergey Kurginian, calls this philosophy by Russian elites "vkhozhdenchestvo" (вхожденчество) that could be loosely translated with a made up word "entrantism". But for many reasons that I won't be getting into here, Russian nouveau riche elites were not allowed to become a part either of European old money, old aristocracy, nor they were welcomed by the American elites that formed in the late nineteenth, early twentieth century. The situation got particularly bad after 2014 when for many of them the option to spend half of their time with their families in the West in their magnificent real estate holdings there, while formally working in Russia was blocked. Even more, bad things started to happen to some children of Russian elites, like a totally strange drowning in absolutely calm seas in UAE of a son of then the head of president Putin's administration office, Sergey Ivanov - Aleksandr Ivanov. This was the time of confusion and even despair for many in the power circles in Russia. The whole raison d'etre for the country according to them was to join forces with the West, for elites to become one through intermarriages and joining of capitals, but they were snubbed and given a cold shoulder instead of a kiss. This is when Schwab and his WEF came to prominence. A new way to have a seat at the elite's table was found. Instead of entering the Western world through a front door, they decided to enter the new emerging "Inclusive Capitalism" and "Great Reset" world through the back door. This is the belief of absolute majority among Russian elites now, from people in Moscow to some governor of a remote region of Chukotka, 10 time zones away from Moscow, that being exemplary executioners of the will of the globalist powers in establishing the NWO they'll not only survive, but will get to keep their position of privilege and all the assets they managed to accumulate. The problem now comes down to ordinary Russians' resistance, from majority's refusal to get jabbed to fierce resistance to QR coding and other forms of restrictions. This is why with a new set of recent unconstitutional laws Russian citizens were effectively denied a right to a peaceful protest. Police powers to use violence were greatly increased and the new trend of electronic voting tested in major cities during last Duma elections gives the ruling United Russia party an assurance to never lose majority in Parliament. Russian elites think they're going to win against Russian people. I, personally, am not so sure of that.

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Wow. What a surprise. Not!

A more pertinent question is: who does Klaus work for?

Who did Prince Charles refer to when he said "He has access to trillions..."

Who has access to trillions?

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Time for Russian government apologists to dust off the “the real Putin was killed and this is his clone” angle. You see, the REAL Putin would have showed these globalists, and this is just a clone!

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If they're not yammering about Satanic cults, it's Rothschilds. The eternal Tourette's of the dissident mind.

Anyway. Anyway.

I hope people are getting these 'Idiocracy' references.

Welcome to Slavsquat. I love you.

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[Paul Craig Roberts] Putin, Too, Has Swallowed the Cool-Aid @ https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2021/12/20/putin-too-has-swallowed-the-cool-aid/

TRAGIC. Putin's childish narcissism was already worrying if we observe that even Mussolini was often portrayed driving aircraft or vehicles; now we also have confirmation that he is an idiot, and a criminal asshole to call a spade a spade.

Read at the URL I have given.

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That was an excellent report! And very interesting. Thanks!

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This Mattias Desmet interview is really interesting.


The most interesting point he makes is probably how intelligence is not really a factor in the process of being absorbed into this mass psychodrama.

However mass formation ´is not ´always´´ as destructive in its processes and outcomes as that we see with covid today. While Desmet doesn´t differentiate between ´´mass formation´as observed in the totaliarianism of USSR and that of Nazi Germany, it is obvious that these are two quite different phenomena which affected the ordinary people in starkly different ways. 

In Germany, people were gradually  herded (mass-formed) into an obsession with ´´conquest´´, into an utterly perverse belief that it was their right to take the lives and property of other people whom they were indoctrinated into regarding as ´´lower than human´´. The evil colonial paradigm with knobs on!

On the other hand, in the  case of the citizens of the USSR, even after centuries of top down feudal oppression and WWs I and II, by the late 50s and through the 60s and 70s, with the gradual stabilisation of their unique social system, the over-riding trope of ´´mass formation´´, was one simple but disarmingly profound concept, namely ´´fairness´´ (ispravedlivost/справедливость), and this had already begun to produce extraordinary dividends for ´´all´´ the pèople. Also a very open and non-racist perspective on the world-as testified by the great singer and polymath Paul Robeson.

Of course all this historically unparallelled human progress (in education, health etc) was poisoned in western minds by the cleverly engineered propaganda of the many intellectuals who did a runner to the West and whose success there was largely measurable in proportion to the amount of vitriol they were willing to spew against the Soviet Union.

For me, reading (the American) Michael Parenti was the perfect antidote to such charlatans.

When the Soviet Union was dissolved, a referendum had just been held in which over 70 pèrcent of citizens wanted to retain it. So much for the will of the people. Putin made an interesting remark once, something that could be paraphrased along the lines that ´only someone with ´´no heart´´ would want ´´never´´ to return to the Soviet Union, but someone who thinks this is a possibility, has no head.

The USSR in its maturity represented perhaps the first ever successful mutiny of the little people against the feudal globocapital elite. The present global mass formation is I think more than 20% manipulated as suggested by Desmet in the video; rather it represents a long and carefully calculated, meticulously organised psychological programme of the elite untouchables, with the aim of establishing a forever unmoveable and all-encompassing feudal class structure. 

The difference now is that elite control of the herd can and will be extended to the microcosmic level, where even our genes and other sub-atomic particles become asset classes for investment and exploitation. 

Check out Alison McDowall at wrenchinthegears.com

While the WEF worthies masquerade  as neo-socialist saviours of humanity, they have marshalled almost all political forces left and right (the two cheeks of that infamous arse to quote Galloway) towards establishing a new and unimaginably pervasive techno feudal paradigm for the future of humanity. 

The globalists are marching with even more sinister force in Russia, though thankfully there seems to be a significant grassroot people´s resistance.

However they will also cynically try to use the collective idealism of the Russian 50s plus generation to entice at least some towards their false promises of security, order and control.

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challenge: web search <your local tyrant> + WEF guarantee your get a hit

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Sputnik V can’t be any better than the AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson vaccines. It’s like they want to test as many different forms of gene therapy as possible on the population, but I would have thought that the death of Jesse Gelsinger in 1999 would have disqualified adenovirus vectors.

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