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Just a quick search of Runet (Russian language internet segment) shows that Gintsburg has close business ties with Anatoly Chubais, former head of Rosnano, an organization that emptied Russian budget to the tune of half a trillion rubles delivering nearly 0 products and services in return. Chubais, as chief privatizer of the 1990's, when multiple hundreds of billions of dollars of industrial and natural resources, legacy of the USSR, has found its way into private hands through the process called "collateral auctions", is credited with this this statement: "So what if 30 million will die? They didn't find their niche in the market." Chubais and Gintsburg are linked, among other things, through the company called LLS "NIARMEDIK PLUS" (ООО "НИАРМЕДИК ПЛЮС") that was founded in 1989 on the base of Gamaleya Institute. Their one and only independently developed drug, "Kagocel" (Кагоцел), is actively marketed in Russia as antiviral medicine and is included by the government on the list of "essential drugs" with allocated money in state agencies' budgets to buy this nonprescription medicine. Interesting fact about this drug is that it contains chemical called Gossypol (https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-106/gossypol) that was used among other things as a contraceptive for men, due to its interference with sperm production. Advertising campaign for Kagocel in Russia suggests taking the drug all year long as prophylactic against viral infections. Contraceptive reducing sperm count and activity level all year long as "prophylaxis"... Hmm, reason for demographic problems in Russia found? The deeper we go into a rabbit hole, the more interesting and scarier it gets.

PS. Anatoly Chubais who became a member of the board of directors of NIARMEDIK PLUS in 2020, interestingly enough together with the former premier of Luxembourg, Etienne Schneider, is today a special representative of president Putin to international community on the matters related to sustainable development.

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Sorry, I had to stop reading.

This man, Gintsburg, is so disgusting. So immoral, greedy and evil, that he makes me feel physically sick.

If he were in Germany 85 years ago, he'd be claiming that Jews were spreading disease. He is a traitor to Russians.

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Found on VK very interesting comment about Putin`s press conference I thought I will share with you: Going through Putin's press conference and this one lept off the page at me:

«When you apply pressure, our people, who are very ingenious, immediately devise methods to evade it, and they will do so in this case as well.»

He knows Russian people well :)))

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Thou Shalt Not Think

Thou Shall Not Question

Thou Shall Not Ask

Thou Shall Obey

Thou Shall Be Sheep

Thou Shall Surender Your Humanity

Thou Shall Surrender Your Soul

Thou Shall Live in Fear

Thou Shall Worship The Bioweapon

Thou Shall Take Every Booster Until Life Suspension

The Only Thing They Forgot….

Truth Survives

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Here’s a link to a great article on “Mass Psychosis” which definitely applies to exactly what has happened to worldwide humanity ( with the exception of the criminals that accepted dollars or rubles in exchange for their participation.)


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Easy way to tell if you had the vaccine...

D-dimer micro clotting test. Basically all of these fucking piece of shit vaccines cause that shit.

Fuck the industry and their profit driven psychopathy

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Russia was irrevocably changed 100 years ago by these (((people))) and millions died. I know it is not fashionable to say so but you see their fingerprints all over the wreckage of the modern formerly civilized portion of the world. They advocate every type of civilization destroying antisocial behavior known to man and evidently since Russia has proven more resistant to such propaganda they brought in the new Dr. Mengele (seems every country has one now). The hypocrisy they engage in, rubbing everyone's nose into the so called holocaust while they bring the real holocaust themselves to the rest of us.

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It appears to that he is talking like an idiot and making contradictory statements so Russians will know Sputnik V is a Poison Death Shot so no one will be dumb enough to take it. If the jab rate is very low and I know that no Russian would give a Poison Death shot to their child, the Central Bank Digital Currency Great Reset will fail and the Globalist's heads will explode.

ICONOCLAST one to one - with Melissa Ciummei: "Don't Participate"


Omicron is the end of COVID and that is why you will have a Happy New Year!

There are links all over the place to Joe Rogan's interview of Dr Malone so watch it.


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good God help us all return to goodness and truth

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Exactly what is the protocol for sharing your posts?

Can I just send the link to interested people?

Do I need to your permission?

Please advise. Thank you.

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Die meisten heutigen Regierungen vor allem in Europa sind jüdisch dominiert, samts ihrer dahinterstehenden jüdisch orthodoxen Priesterschaften und dem gesamten Bankwesen. Der geführte Krieg gegen die Bevölkerungen wird von diesen landfremden Elementen geführt, die diese Macht Hebel komplett übernommen haben.

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Gintsburg, Chubais and Gref, all three are Early Lifers, by pure coincidence. Seems like a common circumstance.

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I just did 75% of a comment and then was told to log in, after having just done that!, and lost it all. It's really, really, really frustrating.

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Btw, you all must know johnhelmer.net Dances with Bears? If you don`t, it is the time...)))

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I’d anyone has a Telegram account, you can sign up here https://telegram.org/

After you sign up follow Orwell City. They are a Spanish off shoot of La Quinta Columna. https://www.laquintacolumna.net/ . They have microscopically examined the contents of the vaccine vials from the major manufacturers and they have found graphemes oxide in every vial examined. Graphemes oxide is used to create micro circuit boards capable of forming Bluetooth MAC addresses in those jabbed individuals. The MAC addresses are discoverable on Android devices, IPhone needs an app to be installed to make them discoverable. Orwell city also has a website https://www.orwell.city/ , where you can read the articles and see the videos. I’m not certain if they have specifically examined Sputknik V, but it is my understanding that it is indistinguishable from the Astra Zeneca version in the UK.

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