Edward, great piece. It's those bastards here, there, and EVERYWHERE we should be fighting. They are the globalists and they are legion! Everyone of them from the Rothschilds who own the Bank and City of London to Wall Street on down to pricks like Gates, Musk and ilk all over the globe. But, it's always been that way hasn't it? Young boys fighting rich men's war for profit and greed.

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Right you are ! Great piece, and yes! - It's ALWAYS been that way.........Tolstoy was, of course, onto something - but it is not so much " Enlightened Men ", but rather " ENRICHED Men ".

If rubles were blood - many are about to become incredibly more wealthy with each passing day.

Locate a gas pipeline, pitch a tent.

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"Young boys fighting rich men's war.." For more than profit and greed. This is how they eliminate the young-healthy would-be could-be resistance.

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In a global plutocracy, all war is class war.

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It's all theatre!

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That is the only explanation for the sheer ineptitude from Day 1, that I can see.

The campaign has had a Kabuki Theater feel from the earliest reports. Still does.

I don't doubt that a great many innocents have been sacrificed as part of the theater.

Looking wider, the 'war' buttoned up 30% of the world's grain, disrupted commerce in and around the Black Sea, shot energy prices through the roof, offered an unprecedented money laundering opportunity for the DC Criminal Cabal, re-invigorated NATO and associated defense spending, and as a result of those last ones offered more money for the MICC.

The USA provoked it. I wonder, why did Putin play into their hands? How did a chess player get outsmarted by this POTUS & Co? They're not even the JV league. They crossed a redline, yes. But there are too many things that don't make sense.

WEF agenda is well served by what has happened. The Bioweapon injury fallout has been forestalled by the 'war'. 2022 has been a big string of distractions from the actual war our nations are waging on each of us.

Perhaps that is the why? Distract the masses while furthering the Agenda?


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Both bioweapon and war contribute to weaken Europe before annexion, and consolidate a bi-polarity Washington - Moscow/Beijing.

Totally consistent in the Great Scenario led by the famous consanguine family.

In the past, Rothschild and their henchmen never stopped creating false dichotomies and false ideologic antagonisms, (communism/capitalism)* , and at the same time weakening Europe/strengthening China, as they contributed to:

- EU

- the rising power of China , China in the WTO both weakening Europe and strengthening China, ( a two-centuries relationship between members of the Rothschild dynasty and the People's Republic of China that would lead to a Chinese leadership in the NWO )

- transfer of technologies from the West to USSR and then to China

- Covid and its economic bankruptcies in Europe due to lockdown

- war and economic sanctions and shortages of all kind in Europe

- QE, inflation in Europe

- pillage of natural resources in Sahel to finance war in Ukraine, to weaken French interests in Africa, at the same time the "elite" helps to develop Panafricanist block

To resume, the Rothschild family and their russian and western puppets contribute to create a bipolar world, milestone to the NWO.

*see https://is.muni.cz/th/mscxq/Gardas_Thesis.pdf?kod=Bi6888;lang=en

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In my opinion, that statement and "all the world is a stage" is pure fiction and a fallacy and a cliche ploy to stop critical thinking. Just dial a cliche as British singer Morrissey would say in order to explain everything. If one really believes that, then please tell me what role does one play? Larry, Moe, or Curly?

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My comment is related to the post, it seems obvious to me that the corporations, politicians and leaders are acting their part. Zalensky is good at this as he really was (is) an actor. It reminds me of going to see a pantomime as a child and watching all the cast, including the evil nasty characters line up at the end and all hold hands whilst taking a bow.

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I respectfully disagree. If you were a leader of a country, would you let NATO surround your borders and allow your country to be check mated? If you were surrounded by bullies, what would you do? Fight your way out or let yourself get beat up WITHOUT a fight.

Russia had serious negotiations in Dec 2021 and Jan 2022 to stay married to the World Economic Forum agenda. USA, UK, France, and Germany REFUSED to de-escalate and moved their Ukraine bishop in a check mate position and announced CHECK. Russia responded and rebuffed this check mate. Hence, Russia and the USA/UK/EU /World Economic Forum got a divorce in Feb 2022. Mark my words, President Putin will NEVER take a bow with President Zelensky.

This is ALL about sovereignty of the Russia Federation.

Definitely NOT theater!!!!!!!!!

If one thinks President Putin is play acting, then one does NOT know the history of the Russian Empire and the pride of the Russian people.

If one chooses to believe in "theater', then one will NEVER research the real reasons and the real cause of Russia's "special military operation".

So easy to dial a "cliche" and stay in an echo chamber that resonates with friendly cliches.

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It is not a cliche. Even if I never agreed with US policy, the US were always used as a scarecrow to get globalists objectives: the US were used as a scacrow to build the European Union, now the US /NATO are used as a scarcrow to build Eurasia thanks to the war. Without offending you, what YOU say is a cliche (Putin the savior, the white Knight.. killing thousands in Sahel by the way, not talking about Ukraine). NATO surrounded russian borders as scheduled. Putin is acting on a scene, like he's been told to do with Henry Kissinger to build the eurasist block. The war is a way to reshuffle the cards, organize shortages, build big geopolitical blocks.

I thought Riley gave enough proofs of collusion between both sides, along with the excellent JAMES CORBETT, IAIN DAVIS among others, many thesis like this one:


that show how different actors collaborate to weaken Europe, strenghten the East (China, Russia), organize "protectorate" (Europe, Africa, Latin America) and there is absolutely no respect of sovereignties under Putin's skull.

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All the world is a stage is not to be taken literally, it cannot be a fallacy.

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Now you're taking away my very own private Oscar moment. ;)

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I cannot comment in terms of Larry, Moe and Curly because I don't know their individual characters. But it's all a stage I'm sure is correct. And your role, as mine, is that of the chained observers of Plato, was it, watching the 'shadows on the wall'.

Analogies, metaphors get a bit hard for me to handle, excuse my ineptitude but I'm thinking somehow from those on the bench some are taken to participate as the 'shadow making' cut outs or whatever that by blocking the light cause the shadows before the eyes of the chained.

The heart of all that is the believing in the shadows of course.

That would sort of be the 'major' or 'fundamental' role we play, wouldn't it? To simply believe?

Now we need to seek out and destroy the manipulators.

Or: perhaps simply spread the revelation we've just experienced to all the other 'chained'?

Either way we have a clear role and the phrase is quite true; true as a metaphor for sure.

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I wanna be Shemp. He looked good in a suit.

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Oct 7, 2022·edited Oct 7, 2022Liked by Edward Slavsquat

So, here is another barrage of random thoughts a.k.a. the unrestricted flow of consciousness inspired by Riley's excellent article! Bare with me if you can, or don't read any farther, if you can't;)

- No "out of context" for Zelensky's statement, I listened to him in Ukrainian, since I'm fluent in it, and he said exactly what he meant - hit Russia now with preemptive strikes. Granted, he didn't say "nuclear preemptive strikes", but in response to a nuclear threat that seems to go with a territory. He was not in a good mood when he was saying something that even by Western standards is questionable. They need to check the quality of white powder he is getting from South America, looks like Colombians are playing games with quality again.

- More and more the picture emerges where tactical nuclear device (by today's standard bomb dropped on Hiroshima was of tactical nuclear charge category) will be exploded somewhere in Ukraine, most likely in a densely populated area, city like Kharkov or Zaporozhye - mostly Russians live there, so no regrets, causing about 100k in victims. Russia will be blamed for it promptly and decisively. Now guess, how many MSM will openly doubt narrative that Russia stood behind that crime? I'm sure you guessed that number correctly.

- "Delicious rubles" for gas transit through Ukraine - no, Ukraine is paid in "delicious dollars". They get annually about $2.5 billion for transit and considering contract provision "pump or pay" they do get full payment no matter how much gas went through. With today's volume of nearly 42 million cubic meters per day Russia pumps only about 38% of the promised gas, yet pays for 100%. Sweet deal for Zelensky and the gang!

- "When can we expect a Kinzhal to land on this guy’s oligarch-condo? Ha-ha." - this was in reference to Kolomoiskiy. Ha-ha indeed! Ukrainian oligarchs, well, neither Russian, live in condos. What are they, modest American WASPs? No way...

- Did you notice that this Russo-Ukrainian war is the stupidest, most pointless war we have seen in recent history? In essence this is a war of Russians vs. Ukrainianized Russians, that other than believing they are not Russians have nothing else to justify this war. Ethnically and culturally indistinguishable, speak the same language, belong to the same Orthodox religion. If we look at recent conflicts, there they have at least something to justify the war - in former Yugoslavia it was Christians vs. Muslims, and Catholic vs. Orthodox. In Syria Alawite and Shia vs. Sunni, in Libya (a pretty artificial nation) the reason for conflict was tribal disputes in power sharing. The only recent conflict that reminds me of the Russo-Ukrainian war is the massacre in Rwanda where Hutus killed Tutsis in mass, despite the fact it was really one nation, identical genetically and linguistically, distinguished only by their clans. So, are the East Slavs that stupid so they were the only ones coerced to start killing each other for no particular reason? As East Slav myself I have the right to raise a question like that. I'm not sure if stupid is the right word here, but naïve and gullible for sure. This is in part legacy of the Russian empire where levels of educated people among proles was fairly low, but even the Soviet Union, that created the most educated nation on earth, yet being a "nanny state" it cultivated a lot of naivité among the populous. This is in part why it was so easy to break it apart.

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With all due respect, there is a genetic difference between Hutus and Tutsies (cattle herders) and I can even differentiate between a "pure blood" Tutsie and a Hutu. Still, you are right they represented a coherent people before some Europeans decided to create a hierarchy among them whereas it had been a complementarity before. The second point where you are right is in the important number of people with mixed blood. These was in the Great Lake area have been mostly financed by US/Israeli interests.

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Thanks Bugey libre! I understood before that main difference between Hutus and Tutsis was their occupation, e.g. farmers vs. herders, not the ethnic makeup, but I do appreciate your expert opinion as you are much closer to that topic.

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Hey Stanley!

You can become an expert on your own while watching this picture of Bororo Fulani/Peulh:


You can also watch a picture of Satan's child Paul Kagamé or of Massaï:


Amharas of Ethiopia also display non negroïd features. Once I was showing a documentary about Ethiopia to Fulanis with my old G4 in the village. They all said that the Amharas were Fulanis even if they called themselves Amharas (LOL).


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I'm actually very familiar with Ethiopians and Somali people. Growing up in USSR we had there many Ethiopian students and when I lived in The Netherlands in the early nineties I met there a lot of Somali people who were refugees there. In Soviet Union word "black" was considered offensive toward people with negroid features, instead word negr (negro) was used. There was even a joke about it. It goes like that:

On a city bus full of people:

- Comrade Negro, can you please move to the side a little bit, I need to get to the exit door for a next stop

- I'm not a Negro, I'm Ethiopian

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Thanks for the joke. I have met quite a few Malian who had studied in USSR and really enjoyed it. They also had, of course, a light marxist inclination mixed with their own worldview. Remember that Mali was officialy a socialist country under Modibo Keita, who had never studied in the USRR.

In West Africa, nobody gives a damn about the complexion of one skin, unless the nomadic Arabs (who anyway dislike every body else, lol). There are even, mainly in Sénégal, very dark skin Fulanis.

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I agree with you in that this war is the stupidest one, not exactly pointless though. But I often get an impression that there is some sort of quiet time in the proceedings, as if both sides do not know what the heck to do next.

It is not pointless, from my point of view, for many reasons. First of which is to stop bombing of Donbass region by Ukrainian Army. All the rest reasons are more economico-geopolitical and obvious.

Overall, I think that the situation is very similar to the situation described in Bhagavad Gita. So, they do what they have to do, and who knows where it'll take us? To the next Yuga cycle?

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I actually agree with you Marina. In my "publicist's" zeal I perhaps went too far to call this war totally pointless. As someone who was born and raised in Ukraine but had important formative moments in Russia (summer vacations in stanitsa in Rostov region where my grandparents lived) I deeply understand the reasons for this war from both sides. What is hard to understand are the actions by Russian leadership where they do everything possible not to win in to his conflict, but that is a separate conversation I plan to come back to in a separate article on my blog.

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Oct 9, 2022·edited Oct 9, 2022

I can give you my opinion, Stanley. It could be that I am wrong, of course, but that's how I see the situation.

The RF is stalling right now in order to avoid unnecessary losses of the lives till there will be more freshly and properly trained solders/officers in RF army, on one hand. On the other hand, VVP, unlike the American masters of Zelenskyi, is not going to fight this war till there will be no Ukrainian left. Because, "any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind". And so on.

You have to understand that for those of us, who grew up in Soviet Union, there is no difference between Russians and Ukrainians. Same would be right about all people of other nationalities who lived in Soviet Union.

I was born and grew up in Soviet Union, in Uzbek Republic. We had there people of various nationalities, absolutely amazing. In my city lived Uzbeks, Russians, Ukrainians, Jewish, Belorussians, Tartars, Crimean tartars, Karaims, Greeks, Macedonians, Germans, Koreans, Tadjiks, Turkmens, Kazakhs, Spaniards, Armenians, Polaks, Kyrgyz, and who knows who else - very many nationalities. And we all were just people of Soviet Union. My older sister's best friend was German, my best friend is mix of Uzbek, Belorussian, Russian and Jewish blood, another friend was half Ukrainian, half Russian, and I learnt that only when I met her West Ukrainian grandma who didn't speak Russian language, and so on. When I went to university in Leningrad, in my dorms' room there were four girls - one was Buryat, another Kyrgyz, third one was Ukrainian, and I myself is mix of Polish, German and Russian blood from Uzbekistan.

You see what I mean? It's just the very international but united way of life - and some forces in Ukraine were (and still are) trying to establish total opposite of that way of life, that's how they separate people and get them to fight each other.

But for many people in Russia most of these modern Ukrainians are still our people. Who got stuck with this US puppet Ukrainian government since that coup in 2014. Especially those in Donbass area. And whoever else would want back, I suppose.

That's why Russia would keep trying to reduce losses in the civilian population, as well as in Russian army, during this war.

And, of course, there could be lots of other reasons for them dragging their heels in this war. Lots of corruption and miscommunication in the Russian army, I suppose, which came floating to the surface, of course. So, they have to fix all of it as they go.

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I agree with you, Marina on the Soviet Union part. I myself am from those times, and even though I left USSR (Ukraine) fairly early in my life, back in 1987, when I was barely over 20 years old, I frequently wonder what would become of me if I stayed? Would I have become affected by the bug of demoralizing and perversive Ukrainian nationalism as some of my relatives did? Surprisingly though, 35 years later while in most regards I feel more Western than an immigrant from those parts, I retained an objective picture of what the Soviet Union was and what it wasn't. One thing for sure, one of the greatest achievements of USSR was to do away, not entirely, but mostly, with ethnic rivalry and animosity. When I left USSR I was an adamant antisovietchick, but as any decent person who tries to be objective, I have evolved since and view that part of our history in a much more balanced way. Perhaps one day I should write a piece why I think USSR really failed, and Gorbachev with Yeltsin are by far not the only ones to blame here, big part of it were Soviet people spoiled by a nanny state.

But I entirely disagree with you on the reasons for a less than successful SMO. The problem with it was that from the very beginning its real goals differed from the stated ones. The stated goals were denazification, demilitarization, protection of Russian speakers, neutral status of Ukraine and removal of Zelensky's regime to install more reasonable people with whom Russia could build a more pragmatic relationship. But the real goal of the operation was to up the ante in Putin's negotiations with the West, his game where he wants Russia to have a respectable place among the Western nations. This is why almost immediately after the beginning of the operation negotiations have started and culminated three weeks later in a failed Istanbul accord. But, nothing is linear, there were other goals too: to play into Washington's game to weaken Europe based on Geneva talks with Biden, to play into Globalist game to take the world closer to a Great Reset they are dreaming of. Let's not listen to the words of a street crook playing a shell game, but watch his hands!

- Longer war means more casualties, including civilians. Swift and decisive military action getting Zelensky and his surrounding to go on the run would've brought an end to this conflict a long time ago. Instead now we see meat grinder of war in action - killing soldiers (former civilians) on both sides and civilians in the south and east of Ukraine

- Central and Western Ukraine are practically intact today, while the Russian regions of Ukraine bare the heaviest brunt of war in terms of casualties and property loss. Those towns and settlements liberated by United, now just Russian forces, are almost completely destroyed, leveled, made unlivable. Winter is coming so the situation is about to get much worse, even without shelling.

- Ukrainian troops concentration in Donbass and Eastern Ukraine overall instead of being surrounded and cut off from supply lines (option like this was real and logical at the beginning) are instead attacked from the front trying to break fortified defense lines there. As a result the cities and towns of Donetsk aglomeration are shelled every day with new daily casualties. This goes against the very basics of the military science and experience of successful military campaigns.

Please listen to Konstantin Sivkov, a former Staff General officer in Russian army, now retired from active duty and serving as deputy chief of the Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences. He is a patriot and could even be characterized as pro-Kremlin, but even people like that can't hold it anymore and are beginning to bring a bitter truth to us.


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Ukrainians believe they are pure Slav and the Russians are a finnish-turkish group not really Slavic and are Slavic imposters and the Russians want Kiev that's what they really want because Kiev was the "first" Slavic Orthodox (they forget Bulgaria). Only Ukrainian is the true Slavic language with elements of Croatian, Russian is a made up language stealing from Ukrainian. Ukrainian language is from Croatia but that's because Croatians are actually Ukrainian. Please do not doubt me since I live amongst Ukrainians, who tolerate my presence even love me because I am Croatian, as Croatians are actually Ukrainian. If this sounds nuts, I am sorry, but this is what they think and say. Ethnically, people said how the Serbs and Croats shouldn't fight each other because they are the same linguistically etc etc but the Croats (due to their Ukrainian blood I suppose) insisted the Serbs were turkish, and not really Slavs. The Slavs no matter where they live in Europe are very difficult to understand their takes unless you live by them side by side but I wouldn't suggest it because we're all insane except the Slovenians, but they're German.

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With all respect, Kyra M., you definitely are not a linguist.

And all your statements are easily checked with the help of internet. For a start - about Croatian language - there is, apparently, one speaking language for Serbs, Croats, Bosnians and Montenegrians, read about it here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serbo-Croatian.

If we believe you, then all former Yugoslavia territory is populated by Ukrainians, which is not truth.

Concerning the fact that Croatians are Ukrainians you probably got mixed Ruthenians and Croatians, because there is big Ruthenian diaspora living in Ukraine. And they are not Ukrainians, at least, not language-wise. There language is understandable for any Slavonic language speaker, but linguistically, it is different. Besides, I would not call all Slavonic people insane, speak for yourself, please.

And you can read about Ukrainian language here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukrainian_language

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It was a personal account of where I live and with whom I live around, hopefully taken as humorous with all the frailty of the human condition including my tongue in cheek self indictment of our insanity. Should I have wished to speak scientifically about the Ukrainian language and its loan words in Croatia, my approach would have been different although my sources would not have been wikipedia, which is useful, but not complete in scholarship or depth.

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Oct 9, 2022·edited Oct 9, 2022

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I was just taking point of view of any severely western person who would read your post and will take it at face value, not as (probably) slightly sarcastic comment. Peace!

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Oct 7, 2022·edited Oct 7, 2022

I wonder if Russia should have dispensed with military integrity and simply gone after the western protagonists. Ie, assassinations and murders of the western intelligence and political figures who supported war. Ie Nuland, her neocons and the CIA. The only reason they don't are because Russia is scared the US will declare war on them.

Hence the limited (so far) war and the suffering of innocents in Ukraine.

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I don't think they are only scared of US declaring war on them, though this is one of considerations. In Putin's book of rules he never goes after the members of elites, neither internal or external. Incarceration of Khodorkovsky was an exception that confirmed the rule. If someone likes Putin or not, they have to agree - not going after elites is his style. Look at Ukraine, Moscow is already at war with them, yet not a single shot, let alone bomb or a rocket was fired toward elites not inside Kiev, not outside of it where their castles and mansions are. Ukrainian MoD and command bunkers - intact. SBU center - intact. Foreign command center in Lvov - intact. Being killed are only soldiers and low ranking officers. There was one rocket attack on the gathering of the higher ranking Ukrainian officers and foreign advisers about a month and a half ago. But this was only one time in 7 months.

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Somehow, this is all true. Putin, the Great Enemy of the dirty Western civilization, vaporizing proles in Ukraine instead of Threadneedle Street in London (for instance). Hahahaha...

The city of London, the laundromat of dirty russian cash...

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Amen to this. Notice how little those in power want peace. Can't some drones start taking out their yachts or something?

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They usually have all kinds of defense systems on their yachts, unfortunately. Some supersonic weapon would be needed or something that would disable their radars.

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Oct 8, 2022Liked by Edward Slavsquat

A lot of things don't add up, but some do. For example, you ask: "Why is Moscow bankrolling the 'Ukrainian Nazis'? Russia is purportedly fighting for its existence against the Collective West, but still merrily pumps gas across Ukraine?" The answer here is simple--if Russia stops sending the gas, it will lose more than Ukraine will. In this, Russia is wiser than the West, who imposes sanctions that hurt themselves worse than they do the Russians.

But your overall theme is well taken. One gets the distinct feeling that this whole "exercise" is some twisted kind of performance art, arranged for the masses, with the stated goal likely not the real one. And sadly, many innocent pawns will get taken off the board before the game ends.

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Russia is wiser than the West, really? Or the Kremlin has been given the best role by a well-known wealthy and congenital family for its own interests, as the Western puppets were given the bad ones?

Cui bono, in this war? Russian people, really?

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Yes, it feels much like that, as I observe in the 2nd part of my comment. But whether this is simple politico-economic judgement at work or is something being play-acted according to a pre-determined script, it is undoubtedly smarter to take actions that hurt your opponent more than yourself.

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You're right, but with a precision to be done: Rothschild's puppets are not given the same roles on both sides, they are not meant to struggle on equal footing, as Europe is scheduled to sacrifice itself when Russia and China are scheduled to take more and more power. An example? European sanctions that cause huge prejudice to itself, helps to its self-destruction, and I don't think this is due to stupidity from our european leaders but it does correspond to a scenario in which Europe has just enough to survive, has to accept a protectorate. Both sides are not fighting on equal terms.

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This could be one of your best articles yet, Riley. Hats off.

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Oct 7, 2022Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Thanks a lot. It is the best article I have read on THE topic that is torturing me.

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Oct 13, 2022·edited Oct 13, 2022Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Dear mister Slavsquat:

I subscribed some time ago, but have not yet taken delivery of my free sanction-proof super-yacht. I stand by the docks daily awaiting its arrival. Is this delay caused by the sanctions?

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thank you for subscribing! the sanction-proof super-yacht factory has been temporarily shut down after one of the yacht-builders tested positive during daily mandatory PCR screenings. I apologize for the delay.

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Just like during WWI, WWII,........ The elites never do the fighting. They do have serious differences, but they settle them by having pawns fight. Whichever elite faction wins, every way you look at it, WE lose. Thanks, Riley, for reminding us of vital facts.

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All of these moves are assisting the WEF and nwo. Putin and Zelensky are working for the NWO. Politely prove me wrong. Without this event they would not be able to achieve any of the goals. Russia is pushing jabs like the rest of the collaborator countries. All a psyop.

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In keeping with Rothschildian policy in China to weaken Europe, in keeping with the European Union destroying sovereighties, the final sword strike is the war, its sanctions and shortages , that we may also call a co-production to destroy Europe and build a sino-russo protectorate over Europe, milestone to the NWO, and it's not the only way to change the world order: climate change, Covid, QE and inflation, pillage of natural resources in Sahel, fiction "Holy Russia against the Evil West" are also part of the Great Scenario.

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Riley, you are now being accused of trying to demonize Russia among anti-vaxxers. Got this from a friend.

"Vanessa Beeley addresses the allegations that Russian reservists being called up are being required to get covid shots. She quotes other sources who claim this is not so. One of her sources says Riley Waggaman is being used to try and get the anti-vaxxers to join in demonizing Russia.

Another says essentially all covid measures have been dropped in Russia, as they obviously have other priorities to deal with now. She was there recently and also spoke with interpreters, bus drivers, etc., who confirmed this. Apparently in Moscow all covid-related fines have been returned, and covid is no longer an issue. She says while a few local regions (of 89 total) may have health officials trying to push the shots, Russian Ministry of Defense has said vaxxes are voluntary for soldiers.

View here starting at 20:40 for about 10 minutes:


I pointed out that you used Russian media outlets' communications with official government hotlines as your sources. Beeley has one focus only, that of maintaining faith in Putin. So does my friend, in the matter of Russia.

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Greetings Jeffery,

Thank you for this information about Vanessa Beeley addressing the injection requirement for mobilized reservists. I would like more journalists and/or real mobilized military members to either confirm or deny injection mandates for the military. I like to hear both sides of the story.

I was in Russia in July 2022 and I can confirm Moscow had NO restrictions whatsoever. NO mask mandates inside Red Square museums either. The ONLY restriction was for foreigners who travel by air to the Moscow airport NEED to have a negative PCR test within 72 hours for entry. (I traveled by train with NO PCR test for entry.) So NO I did NOT take and I NEVER have taken a PCR test in my life. Russians flying in and out of the country have NO mask and NO injection and NO PCR test required.

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PD, Riley provided us with SCREEN SHOTS of Russian media getting the word directly from the government's information portal in his article about denial on Oct 5.


The denialism about Russia's anti-human COVID policies has to stop. It's extremely embarrassing. Edward Slavsquat. 10/5/22.

And the day before, the article about the doctors opposing the mandate. Sorry, you won't get away with this.

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"Get away with" what exactly? What did I say in my post to you that was untrue?

I like to hear both sides of the story and that is the point I made so I can decide for myself.

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You are pretending that there are "two sides." Riley provided the Russian government's own pronouncements, via screen shots, while you are writing as if he merely put forth his opinions.

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Russia China brics Fanboys ignore these inconvenient facts...

Just like covidians ignore key studies of the clot shots causing harm...


Because their childish logic needs to believe in some "thing", ignoring the ideals that they claimed to be for.

Wake up time is never going to happen for some.

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Worth pondering....

Education about the psychopathic elements within humanity might be of the greatest importance otherwise "Political Ponerology" would never be forbiden:


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Hi Rob,

I don't think it is childish logic but sane human one. The illogism is clearly a pathologic and pathogenic stuff by psychopaths. One can't blame, according to me, the average guy for not accepting that fact and to try to figure out where sanity is...


What is clearly needed is an education about psychopathy...

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Thanks for digging out all these quotes. Especially the Lugansk rebel commander guy hits home.

This is how it is guys... Instead of cheering for team Russia or team Ukraine finally understand who is our true enemy.

And stop cheering for the Putin creature. He is in their club, you aren't.

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I am old. I grew up waiting for the end of the world. But then the Cold War ended and all was peace and light. Then the 21st century came, I took a trip overseas and somehow ended up in an alternative universe where everything is downside up and bassakwards. Now I am waiting for the end of the world again. Maybe I should just take THE vax and be over with it. Where have all the flowers gone?

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Curious. Never thought of the vax as a form of euthanasia, but in fact it is. The only problem is that it is a euthanasia mixed with Russian roulette, you never know if you'll get the "lucky" shot or not.

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EXCELLENT.......when will we ever ever learn.....

thank you for eloquence and grace

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What an excellent piece, thank you. It's like what many are thinking and you're able to put it together and ever so coherently.

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