Edward, great piece. It's those bastards here, there, and EVERYWHERE we should be fighting. They are the globalists and they are legion! Everyone of them from the Rothschilds who own the Bank and City of London to Wall Street on down to pricks like Gates, Musk and ilk all over the globe. But, it's always been that way hasn't it? Young boys fighting rich men's war for profit and greed.

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It's all theatre!

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So, here is another barrage of random thoughts a.k.a. the unrestricted flow of consciousness inspired by Riley's excellent article! Bare with me if you can, or don't read any farther, if you can't;)

- No "out of context" for Zelensky's statement, I listened to him in Ukrainian, since I'm fluent in it, and he said exactly what he meant - hit Russia now with preemptive strikes. Granted, he didn't say "nuclear preemptive strikes", but in response to a nuclear threat that seems to go with a territory. He was not in a good mood when he was saying something that even by Western standards is questionable. They need to check the quality of white powder he is getting from South America, looks like Colombians are playing games with quality again.

- More and more the picture emerges where tactical nuclear device (by today's standard bomb dropped on Hiroshima was of tactical nuclear charge category) will be exploded somewhere in Ukraine, most likely in a densely populated area, city like Kharkov or Zaporozhye - mostly Russians live there, so no regrets, causing about 100k in victims. Russia will be blamed for it promptly and decisively. Now guess, how many MSM will openly doubt narrative that Russia stood behind that crime? I'm sure you guessed that number correctly.

- "Delicious rubles" for gas transit through Ukraine - no, Ukraine is paid in "delicious dollars". They get annually about $2.5 billion for transit and considering contract provision "pump or pay" they do get full payment no matter how much gas went through. With today's volume of nearly 42 million cubic meters per day Russia pumps only about 38% of the promised gas, yet pays for 100%. Sweet deal for Zelensky and the gang!

- "When can we expect a Kinzhal to land on this guy’s oligarch-condo? Ha-ha." - this was in reference to Kolomoiskiy. Ha-ha indeed! Ukrainian oligarchs, well, neither Russian, live in condos. What are they, modest American WASPs? No way...

- Did you notice that this Russo-Ukrainian war is the stupidest, most pointless war we have seen in recent history? In essence this is a war of Russians vs. Ukrainianized Russians, that other than believing they are not Russians have nothing else to justify this war. Ethnically and culturally indistinguishable, speak the same language, belong to the same Orthodox religion. If we look at recent conflicts, there they have at least something to justify the war - in former Yugoslavia it was Christians vs. Muslims, and Catholic vs. Orthodox. In Syria Alawite and Shia vs. Sunni, in Libya (a pretty artificial nation) the reason for conflict was tribal disputes in power sharing. The only recent conflict that reminds me of the Russo-Ukrainian war is the massacre in Rwanda where Hutus killed Tutsis in mass, despite the fact it was really one nation, identical genetically and linguistically, distinguished only by their clans. So, are the East Slavs that stupid so they were the only ones coerced to start killing each other for no particular reason? As East Slav myself I have the right to raise a question like that. I'm not sure if stupid is the right word here, but naïve and gullible for sure. This is in part legacy of the Russian empire where levels of educated people among proles was fairly low, but even the Soviet Union, that created the most educated nation on earth, yet being a "nanny state" it cultivated a lot of naivité among the populous. This is in part why it was so easy to break it apart.

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This could be one of your best articles yet, Riley. Hats off.

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Amen to this. Notice how little those in power want peace. Can't some drones start taking out their yachts or something?

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A lot of things don't add up, but some do. For example, you ask: "Why is Moscow bankrolling the 'Ukrainian Nazis'? Russia is purportedly fighting for its existence against the Collective West, but still merrily pumps gas across Ukraine?" The answer here is simple--if Russia stops sending the gas, it will lose more than Ukraine will. In this, Russia is wiser than the West, who imposes sanctions that hurt themselves worse than they do the Russians.

But your overall theme is well taken. One gets the distinct feeling that this whole "exercise" is some twisted kind of performance art, arranged for the masses, with the stated goal likely not the real one. And sadly, many innocent pawns will get taken off the board before the game ends.

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Thanks a lot. It is the best article I have read on THE topic that is torturing me.

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All the wars are organised by the evil ones. The World Wars, Christians killing Christians on both sides. Live by the sword die by the sword, that's what Jesus said.

When will mankind wake up to the evil that deceives and hurts us?

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Dear mister Slavsquat:

I subscribed some time ago, but have not yet taken delivery of my free sanction-proof super-yacht. I stand by the docks daily awaiting its arrival. Is this delay caused by the sanctions?

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All of these moves are assisting the WEF and nwo. Putin and Zelensky are working for the NWO. Politely prove me wrong. Without this event they would not be able to achieve any of the goals. Russia is pushing jabs like the rest of the collaborator countries. All a psyop.

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Just like during WWI, WWII,........ The elites never do the fighting. They do have serious differences, but they settle them by having pawns fight. Whichever elite faction wins, every way you look at it, WE lose. Thanks, Riley, for reminding us of vital facts.

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Riley, you are now being accused of trying to demonize Russia among anti-vaxxers. Got this from a friend.

"Vanessa Beeley addresses the allegations that Russian reservists being called up are being required to get covid shots. She quotes other sources who claim this is not so. One of her sources says Riley Waggaman is being used to try and get the anti-vaxxers to join in demonizing Russia.

Another says essentially all covid measures have been dropped in Russia, as they obviously have other priorities to deal with now. She was there recently and also spoke with interpreters, bus drivers, etc., who confirmed this. Apparently in Moscow all covid-related fines have been returned, and covid is no longer an issue. She says while a few local regions (of 89 total) may have health officials trying to push the shots, Russian Ministry of Defense has said vaxxes are voluntary for soldiers.

View here starting at 20:40 for about 10 minutes:


I pointed out that you used Russian media outlets' communications with official government hotlines as your sources. Beeley has one focus only, that of maintaining faith in Putin. So does my friend, in the matter of Russia.

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Russia China brics Fanboys ignore these inconvenient facts...

Just like covidians ignore key studies of the clot shots causing harm...


Because their childish logic needs to believe in some "thing", ignoring the ideals that they claimed to be for.

Wake up time is never going to happen for some.

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Thanks for digging out all these quotes. Especially the Lugansk rebel commander guy hits home.

This is how it is guys... Instead of cheering for team Russia or team Ukraine finally understand who is our true enemy.

And stop cheering for the Putin creature. He is in their club, you aren't.

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EXCELLENT.......when will we ever ever learn.....

thank you for eloquence and grace

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What an excellent piece, thank you. It's like what many are thinking and you're able to put it together and ever so coherently.

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