Stupid fking picture of the soldiers with masks on. Idiots all over the world



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Is it on, is it off. Keep them busy guessing whilst we bury bad news?

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I’ll take the babushka on the left, prone position, w/Kalashnikov for the win, Alex.

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Feb 16, 2022·edited Feb 16, 2022

Hello Edward :) Well.... that is just a mere part of it.

The oldest traditional MIZUHO Bank in Japan that occurred last year's overlapping system failure (experimental hacking ?) is exactly the same situation as the Ukrainian bank, and it occurred eight times in nine months to be stunned. No way !!! (゚Д゚;)

This anomalous phenomenon is also mentioned in the following articles:

*Banks Around World Are Suffering Big Outages, Leaving Millions Of Customers In Lurch At Worst Possible Time


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Putin made a brilliant move. Take off some token amount of soldiers after the German prime ministers visit, demonstrating his good will. Maybe these soldiers were due for a leave anyway. The ball is firmly in the court of the USA/NATO now.

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Though this article is from Breitbart, and we are getting opinions on the Ukraine/Russia situation from the likes of 'Dementia' Joe and the Orange Buffoon in America. I tend to see a global orchestration of shit stirring, considering what is going on in Canada..... https://www.breitbart.com/latin-america/2022/02/15/el-salvador-president-on-ukraine-the-real-war-is-in-canada/

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Trans humanist Karlin and pro-globalist Lenta? When was the last time these people were right about anything? I'd say that Ambassador Jack Matlock and Alastair Crooke (quoted here by Moon of Alabama) are much better informed sources, and they also happen to reflect the attitude prevailing in Russian media (which is that the talk of Russian invasion is yet another hoax, created by Biden admin for its own, mostly domestic, political purposes). https://www.moonofalabama.org/2022/02/the-big-white-house-plans-behind-its-russian-invasion-scam.html#more

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"Typically we ignore everything Russia-related published by RT.com, but its photographic portrayal of soldiers “withdrawing to their bases in Russia” was genuinely depressing. Thanks, RT."

Agreed on RT = trash most of the time, but elaborate, depressing in which sense?

"Ukraine hit with curiously timed cyberattack." Why would Russia who is already dominant in the region, have a vested interest in unleashing cyberattacks, more so these days, and when-

[T]o date, cyber operations do not appear to produce

concessions by themselves. Offense, whether disruption,

espionage, or degradation, does not produce lasting results

sufficient to change the behavior of a target state.^1


[T]his strategy of combining active defense and coercive

diplomacy, the use of positive and negative instruments of

power to alter adversary behavior [...]^1

is rather the signature of the US behind the *strategy* for the use and consumption of its [western and 5th column MSM] audience. Also,

[I]t is thus not surprising that given the limited objectives of

most cyber operations, to date rival states have tended to

respond proportionally or not at all [...]^1

[C]yber operations as a cross-domain release valve for


as well, particularly when US+NATO desperately are looking for face-saving as the bluff is failing, and are backtracking.

1. The Myth of the Cyber Offense: The Case for Restraint


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same ole I against I bullshit

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Really didn't pay that much attention 2 this whole mess: from a superficial perspective it looks like Hitler's playbook on Czech or Poland using some "endemic" folks under alleged threat (or their heartfelt wish) as pretext to annex more soil? Always looks suspicious when a way larger/stronger country feels threatened by and goes against a much smaller/weaker one. OK, on the other hand, I get there is this an alleged "assurance" that Ukraine remains out of Nato? And of cz one might paint it as somewhat the Cuba missile scenario for Russia ... but then again, how long does such a assurance last: is Ukraine now supposed to never ever become a member of Nato or some other military alliance ... forever? No matter whether neighbor or not, it's quite intrusive to force another country to obey ur wishes on with whom it might ally ... but then again, it's politics and hegemonies r part of the game! A military/interference threat from Ukraine towards Moscow/Russia can't b that much bigger than from the Baltics? So time will tell, whether this is just Russia drawing a red line or this being the prelude for re-incorporating the Baltics as well .... ?

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