Great post Edward. I reposted it if you don't mind, with a brief comment at the end:

An Interesting Take on Putin & Denazification: War begins. But why?


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Here is my full 5 cents:


The Plan is Much Wider and Deeper Than What They Publicly Said

1- Why did they throw "everything of their grand plan" on your faces?

Are THEY so bluntly condescending "honest" to you with contempt or THEY set up a red-herring?

-Remember and bear in mind that Putin is no longer young . But He used to be young when Yelsin put him in power presumably with the consent/order of the Russian Jewish oligarchs!

2-Why and How did they choose these individuals as "young leaders" mostly just by being "rich" by crook either of their own and/or their criminal forebears/families (i.e princes and princesses, heirs and heiresses)?

3-Given ALL THE PROOFS and EVIDENCES of the whole system of government authority, regardless of political labels, is flawed, corruptive, and so destructive to humanity by nature and by design, the question must come down to one and one only question: WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?

The so-called Nuremberg 2.0 is either wishful thinking, hopium, and/or red-herring. Please just look back at the original Nuremberg trials (November 20, 1945 – October 1, 1946) with the Paper Clips Operation in context, one would see that such "justice" made by the VICTORS was truly a farce, if not totally criminal and atrocious fraud.

OMHO, the Original Nuremberg was just a cruel, coward vengeance and a deception to cover the true atrocities committed by the so-called Allied forces on the ordinary German, Italian, and Japanese peoples before and after the War!

The Bombing of Dresden and the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are just two major crimes among many war crimes committed by the Allied forces. (If you do care to educate yourself here is one of further reading Germans War by John Wear)

Audio book


Read the book in FULL at Unz Review


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By now, everyone who still has a functioning brain would realize that their governments have been murdering their own people on purpose. Deny it as much as one wishes but the reality is Government never give a shit about the people at all.

So it comes down to one most urgent question: WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS? What is the solution?

Watch this:

"Our Young Global Leaders penetrated half the cabinets... Merkel, Trudeau, Putin"


Please ASK YOURSELF: Why did they throw "everything of their plan" on your faces? blunt "honesty" or red-herring?

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Spartacus has entered the Arena;


What I find interesting the use of the word Nazi in some of the reporting. There is far reaching conspiracy chatter that what happened in Germany was not the truth and this is round 2.0. Russia to save world 3rd time?

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If I had to bet, I'd say Russia's action is coordinated with the central bankers/World Economic Forum.

Whether it was coordinated or Russia chose a moment when the world was distracted, the timing has suited the privately-run central banks very well.

As for the impact, follow the money. Stocks largely up. The market likes it. (Not your usual reaction to war.)

Russia’s move came as a welcome distraction, as Canada’s banks and senate rolled back the Emergency Act. New Zealand’s police and military also seem to have pushed for a softer approach towards protests.

But (dramatic pause, exhalation) there are other motives. Some are out of time, harking back 70 years to the streets of Berlin, as Russian soldiers hunted, door to door.

And let's spare a thought for ordinary Ukrainians, as they hunker in basements.


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Well how can you have the Great Reset unless every living mammal is vaccinated? How can you not follow the Globalist script? Putin is top dog in Russia and has all his wits. He grasps the wealth of the Russian Federation, and wants to keep it for Oligarchs on his side, not Oligarchs like Soros. Biden is a traitor like his son, and cognitively not here, and hopelessly corrupt. His placement as President was a benefit brought by the Democrats and drug cartels and China. In a sense this war was inevitable since Russia is viewed as a state that must be broken up and the Ukraine was the springboard for NATO to continue to put pressure on Russia. However in another sense it is inevitable as a part of the WEF plan for global governance. All nations are subordinated to the WEF oligarchy. And the head of the WEF admires Lenin. Red Fascism or Black Fascism is the choice and at the moment Red Fascism with it's transnational pretensions is more agreeable to Capitalism.

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Tex Bentley tells it like it is, you can’t live with a Rabid Dog in your Back Yard, you have to put it out of it’s misery.

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I was listening to a big online conspiracy type show - one that is typically more right than not - and he said the vaccine is not mandatory in Russia. That caused me pause and while I hastily went to work looking for information on this topic. He continued that Putin isn’t a lap dog of the WEF and is moving his country more towards faith, family, country values that the West used to have and believe in.

I’m not sure if the conspiracy theorist actually believes all of this or if he just doesn’t trust our government enough to be more nuanced on Russia and Putin.

Did Russia just sign a contract with another vaccine developer? I didn’t know about the “red zone.” Here we sent our elderly back to the nursing homes to spread infection and kill them without treatment.

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Hello Riley. You will maybe be interested in translating this article http://russiepolitics.blogspot.com/2022/02/conflit-en-ukraine-le-monde-atlantiste.html from Karine Bechet-Golovko, a French scholar married with a Russian an teaching there and in Vilnius. This is her CV:"Française mariée à un Russe, Karine Bechet-Golovko est à la fois enseignante et juriste.

Un arrière grand-père Russe aura sans doute orienté le choix de Karine Bechet-Golovko de choisir le russe comme troisième langue dès le Collège. Elle découvre la Russie en 1991, à 16 ans, lors d’un séjour linguistique, et poursuit ses études en faculté de droit en se spécialisant sur le droit russe.

En 2002, elle revient dans le cadre de sa thèse à l’Institut d’Etat et du Droit, dans ce pays qui l’a littéralement séduit et choisit de rester vivre en Russie. Devenue expert international, elle travaille notamment sur une formation ouverte aux avocats et aux défenseurs des droits de l’homme de l’espace post-soviétique où elle donne des cours de défense constitutionnelle des droits de l’homme.

Mais Karine Becher Golovko enseigne également à Vilnius à l’European Humanities University dans le but de créer une nouvelle élite biélorusse, tout comme elle enseigne aujourd’hui à Moscou." Keep on doing the good work!

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Some other thoughts on "So Russia Has Invaded Ukraine: Who is to Blame?":


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"Denazification" to me pretty much sounds like Little Castreau "de-nazifying" Ottawa by abusive Emergencies Act: I understand, there are somewhat (for a change: actual&real!) Nazi groups in Ukraine (resonating Anti-Sovjet/Russian sentiments), stronger than in Russia (because there r too!), with a much stronger historical tradition (NS-Einsatztruppen were stunned by the brutality of local Ukrainian mobs, or Baltics for that matter, sporadically mass-murdering local Jews ... and were also recruiting them) - but still a propped-up jackpot posterboy for Russian propaganda to be exploited overtime! Anyhow, let's still hope, that this "operation" will be conducted as "peacefully" and smoothly as possible: last thing we need is an everlasting Ukranian balkanization! If the vast majority in East-Ukraine is Pro-Russia, there shouldn't b much fighting ..

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It’s not a War, it’s a Liberation just like the Normandy , but Normandy didn’t finish the job because they joined these Nazis. Russia is going to finish the job that they were prevented from finishing in 1945.

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"War begins. But why?"

Further obfuscation of the ongoing theft of public funds here, there, everywhere. Were you born yesterday, or what?

Ed Dowd has a nice takedown of events over at the committee meeting; skip forward to ~2:54 or so if you're bored with the more arcane, technical details of the coup attempt. Everybody knows — or claims to understand — money.


WRT the arcane details: my background in cell/molecular biology isn't deep enough to call out Dr. Mikovits (there it is again, another slav) as a charlatan or liar. But the very fact that "her" [doesn't really belong to her] wikipedia page smears her immeasurably is, or should be, enough for any thinking person to say hey, wait a minute, WTF is actually going on here?

In short, you, me, all of us are being played by this invasion/intervention/war/WTF you want to call it.


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Is there an explanation anywhere about the supposed infractions of NATO which people are saying saying is Putin's real motivation and is that his real motivation?

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