Thanks for this EXCELLENT blog. Found out about it via my friend Tessa Lena. Totally antagonistic to the policies pushed by US elites, been so for 50 years. But also antagonistic to the many in the Great Set "resistance" who think Putin is a good guy simply because he's confronting the US elite.

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The most intelligent analysis I have read so far. Thank you Mr. Waggaman.

Yes, NATO has been pushing for this scenario. They have poked the Russian nationalists and the Russian military pride, they have let ordinary Russians know that they are the last destination in a path that goes from Baghdad, Belgrade and Damascus, straight into Moscow...It is a very convincing narrative, one that can easily fool those who see NATO for what it is, but one that falls apart the second that one forgets about narratives and looks at real life, at the actions and consequences.

And it is the oldest trick. These days I am remembering facts that I overlooked throughout all of those years that I (regrettably) spent as one of those cheering for the coming multipolar law based order™ lead by Russia and China:

-The support and funds given by the banksters to Lenin and Trostky to support their revolution.

-The transfer of technology to Russia and China by the Western cabal, during a supposed arms race, in the middle of a cold war

-Putin being placed by western stooge Yeltsin, with popularity boosting false flag terror attack and everything

-All those closed door meetings between Putin and Kissinger

It all became transparent with the pandemic™: they are all on the same side. They all might their dog to win the fight, but above all, they all want dog fighting to keep going.

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“War is an ideal way to close past accumulated contradictions and clear the building site for new achievements”

Sounds about right to me. Interesting how many countries and states, all at about the same time, claim to be ramping down the previous moronic shit show to make room for the new moronic shit show.

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Brilliant post, as usual. Of course, this war is not meant to lead to a brighter tomorrow. I, for one, wanna scream at the top of my voice "People, stop the madness, stop killing each other, stop hating each other! You are being played! You are nothing more than cannon fodder to ALL governments in the world!"

But, alas, people won't listen. They have lost their senses, and to them, Putin is the devil (I'm talking about Ukrainians now). Well, I don't deny he is, but he's hardly the puppet master in this show and hardly the only problem for Ukraine.

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This is one of the best lines i've seen anywhere on the Web this year so far.

"The Russian government is the greatest threat to the Russian people, just as the British government is the greatest threat to the British people, and the German government is the greatest threat to the German people; probably the Eskimo government is currently the #1 killer of the Eskimos."

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Thank you for this superb article Riley.

Are you familiar with Charles Eisenstein's writing on a concept called "Gift Economics"?

I feel like in this time where we have been raised in a world of hyper-consolidated, centralized and monopolized systems (that many of us have become dependent upon) which are controlled by self serving/mentally disturbed individuals, the radically decentralized nature (and often low tech mechanisms) which comprise ancient "gift economies" can offer us some wisdom in these challenging times. Mind you, I am not implying this concept offers 'the solution to all our problems', but rather that it offers one pathway to how we might alter how we live, perceive and interact with each other, and in doing so, empower ourselves (and others) to be able to avoid the digital shackles of a totalitarian technocracy (at least at the scale of the local communities we live in).

Keep up the great work. Much love and respect from Canada.

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Yes! Sums it all up perfectly! I like it that everyone is an asshole on this blog, enough with taking sides

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You being on The Corbett Report is like Tim Dillon being in Toronto!!! That’s how excited I am for you! Us! BTW...excellent article, I will be sharing it widely. It’s very important.

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They are ALL in it together. The goal - destruction of the current world order to usher in a new order of the ages. The entire scenario was written years in advance together with Corona Op.

The world is a Stage

A Staged Russia/Ukraine Conflict Is Part of the Plan To Take Down the Current World Order


The Olympics Rituals of 1992/2012 "Predicted" The Corona Operation


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Good reading, Edward. However, I would still like to at least hear mention of the crazy people who are being tolerated in their ranks by the ukrainian government. As weird as it sounds, it still seems to be true: there is a significant number of prople in Ukraine who hold a fascistic, destructive and evil world view, who glorify german naziism and identify themselves with Hitler's SS special forces by wearing identical emblems. I am talking about the Azov Batallion which nowadays is integrated into the National Guard of ukraine, and which supposedly has in its ranks some of the most cruel, and wicked and merciless people this world has brought forth (supposedly, they recruit fighters in black metal mucsic concerts). Easily on par with ISIS, if the reports are true.

The interesting thing is that all this is not disputed. The wikipedia documenation is quite extensive and informative, and it shows that once upon a time even american democrat delegates considered the Azov Batallion a terroristic organization. Again: an organization which still exists and is now integrated into the ukrainian National Guard!

I think this does warrant mentioning in any analysis of this situation. Are they really part of the same game?

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Thank you for the honest history and current observations.

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Hello! I recommend following the analysis of the former Indian diplomat, M.K. Bhadrakumar, on his website IndianPunchline.com with a gorgeous photo of the backwaters area at the tip of the Indian peninsula, his home state of Kerala, with the democratic-communist government...sort of a social democracy, where I've spent about a week in the course of my extensive travels in India and found it to be the most appealing...in terms of quality of life for its people...though not the grandeur of the architecture of Rajastan with such as the Taj Majal & so much more. That's to set the stage for Bhadrakumar, who writes beautifully from the soul...even as his brilliant mind analyzes the geopolitical chess game. Today's piece provides an awesome narrative with superb colored maps to help us better understand what's going on in Ukraine...or "Why Russian Operation Focuses on Donbass, Black Sea Regions".

Also, I just watched/listened to a splendid Tablet Magazine Webinar with Glenn Greenwald and Lee Smith with moderator, Jacob Siegel: "Ukraine and the Deep State" to begin to grasp what's going on behind the scenes. Tablet is an extraordinarily diverse Jewish on-line journal based in NYC with a great array of extremely intelligent and talented writers...whether one agrees with some of them or not...as we witness what may be the birth pangs of a Eurasian-led "new world order"...perhaps the insane drive toward extinction or some other equally unimaginable...as yet.

(It wasn't clear whether a re-play of the Greenwald-Smith discussion will be available for replay later on the Tablet site.)

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Oh dear! Slav squat... I know you wouldn't care much but, just watch your back, will you! At least until I can find another source of non fake-news from Russia!

BTW, just let you know. Some days ago I watched the RT flagship "Cross-Talk" with all the usual "stuperts" who were trying their best to gaslighting their audience. I felt sick the whole day! Now the only RT show I would watch is Boom Bust. Please do not mention the Press in the "Free world."

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"You can’t say: “The Donbass republics should negotiate with Kiev—one of our main trading partners—with the aim of rejoining Ukraine” and then after eight years declare: “this is an illegitimate western-backed neo-Nazi regime that is committing genocide and we will forcibly remove these freaks.” You can’t say that after eight years. That’s insane."

- Why did the West overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine in the first place? Because this was all a placeholder for NOW. The whole thing is yet another psyop (with the Ukrainian population again as an unfortunate casualty). I am really starting to wonder if any history of the last 100 years plus is credible at this juncture. How deep does the rabbit hole go?

I'm a historian btw!


Also, because I watched your interview with Tessa, YouTube served me this:


As a connoisseur of Soviet jokes, I thought this was pretty good, although a couple were below the belt.

My favorite remains:

Sometime in the 1970s a shipment of meat arrives in a town in the Soviet Union . The townspeople line up at the town store to wait to be given their rations. After about an hour, a man comes out of the store and announces, "Comrades, I'm sorry to tell you, but there isn't enough meat for everyone, so the Jews have to leave." The Jews in the line leave grumbling.

About an hour later, the man comes out of the store and announces, "Comrades, I'm sorry to tell you this, but there isn't enough meat for everyone, so anyone who is not a member of the Communist party will have to leave." More grumbling as the non-Party members depart.

Another hour goes by and the man comes out of the store again and announces, "Comrades, I'm sorry to tell you this, but there isn't enough meat for everyone in the line, so anyone who wasn't a member of the Party before 1956 has to leave." More grumbling as all the younger Party members leave. A few old people remain in the line.

Another hour goes by. It's now getting dark and it's cold. The same man comes out of the store and announces, "Comrades, I'm sorry to tell you this, but there isn't any meat. Go home."

One old lady in the line turns to her neighbor and says, "See? It's like I told you. The Jews always get the best treatment!"

(BTW this joke is featured on many Jewish websites, so spare me....).


Also, The Simpsons predicted this:


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Always enjoy reading your perspective from Russia, it provides a good perspective to balance the view of these events from the west. I suspect that this is an epic 5D chess move though just not in the way and by the people that most think:


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So happy to read your blog! I'm sharing widely.

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