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One thing I hold true is that there is a deal of epic attribution to the Russian situation at the moment. After all, we in the Netherlands are in our 4th lockdown at the moment, 4 weeks until the 14th, and with the option to extend on the 12th. We have mask mandates, social distancing, you need a QR code to visit a restaurant, bar, cinema, museum, theatre or an indoor sports venue. We even need a QR code if we want to stand by the line at your son's or daugters saturday amateur football match, outside. Want to visit your grandmother in the elderly home? You can see them on appointment trough a glass door. Jab mandates are openly discussed here.

In comparison, the Russian situation seems to be quite good, viewed from the outside. Not a lot of people have taken the jab. A "stronk leader" instead of the wet newspapers we call politicians. Growing geopolitical relevance. Something to point to and sympathise with, in spite of being called the eternal baddie in our MSM.

In the absence of Edward Slavsquat and friends in our lives, and the unwillingness to look beyond the 8 o'clock news for information, Russia is quite the El Dorado for some. And I had to warn plenty of people in comment sections who uttered the wish to emigrate to Russia to avoid the totalitarian blanket of our local societies.

The red line is personal. I drew it for myself a long time ago. I refuse the wear masks and get tested, let alone vaccinated. Please continue to be a stick in the mud, like I am. It's important, because sticks cause drag. Every time people see me without a mask in the supermarket, they are confronted with another way of leading your life. And it works. There are 15-20% jab refusers in my country, but the percentage of people refusing to take the booster will be greater. We just have to stick with it (see what I did there?).

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I think some people, seeing how globalist, corrupt and woke the "west" has become, want to believe that there is a meaningful alternative, or at least counterweight (and the Chicoms certainly ain't it). They aren't ready to accept that ALL major governments are essentially partners, factions, subsidiaries or junior apprentices of merging global elite (WEF, CCP, WHO, etc.). It's too depressing, I guess.

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Re: personal red lines, I already faced that in November when my employer implemented a vaxx mandate in the face of Biden's executive orders. I vowed not to inject myself with the mystery juice come hell or high water. Thankfully I received a religious exemption from my employer but I was prepared to become unemployed and perhaps never work in my field again. Not sure what I'd do if I couldn't find work - maybe I'd drift up to Amish country and try to get a job in the fields until I could learn how to grow food for myself. But anyway, I'm not taking the jab voluntarily. They'll have to literally come door to door, find me, hold me down & inject me before I'll take that crap. Hopefully Russians and others around the world will adopt the same attitude. "Where there's a will, there's a way."

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Well, my line of reasoning is that I believe certain things based on the limited information I have. I have a base where I believe that basic human rights like you mentioned, must not be stepped on. So when new information comes to light, I have to re-evaluate my position. That happened when your blog came. As I can't read Russian, I simply did not have the information and thought the situation was much better in Russia and that the Sputnik shot was safer than the western ones.

But what I clearly see, is the phenomena that most "Russophiles" cannot accept that perhaps the Russian authorities perhaps does not have the welfare of the people as their main objective. They kind of make some sort of intellectual acrobatics where what the authorities do is also what the Russian public wants done.

For those of us that see this clearly, it is difficult to understand how so many are deceived. Maybe many here have seen this, but for those that haven't, I suggest listening to the interview Dr. Chris Martenson did with Professor Mattias Desmet about the penomena of Mass Formating. He explains how difficult it is to reach past the mass hypnosis, but also about how important it is to keep on speaking the truth and facts. Thank you for doing so, Mr. Waggaman.

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You called for a discussion. Here is a topic for discussion, perhaps for a future post. One thing puzzled me today : around two-thirds of Russians approve of Putin's work, according to the latest Levada poll. Most of these same people are strongly opposed to the "epidemic" policies he presides over, and the economy isn't doing great either. It's difficult to interpret these claims to get a good overall picture. That's my idea for a future discussion. Regards

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Your voice is appreciated, Edward! To the topic: I realise the facts, but it is very difficult to understand why the russian government, which has not many illusions of the Empire geopolitically, is copying these measures. What is the point of it all? It is very easy to understand Lukashenco, however. Why is Putin & co. so different from Lukashenco? Why? (It is however not so difficult to understand those pro Putin blogs: denial, that's it. The truth is too painful.)

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As for me, these corruption experts can steal public funds, lie and play their dirty political games against each other, but leave me and my health alone bro!

Also, if you want to be a reptilian overlord and pull the invisible strings of hypnotic control, maybe you need to stop being a gold-hungry warlord from the Middle Ages who steals everything in sight - from gifts to cancer children to billions of money intended to better society. I knew a former government lobbyist who says the meetings usually started with: "so, which project are we stealing money from today?"

After destroying infrastructure all across Russia and cutting medical funding, you can't just say you're trying to "save people's lives" with the vaccine, doesn't quite work that way.

And these Russophiles need to lay off the vodka for a few weeks to see that the "Putin is using 5D chess implementing QR codes to arrest Soros NGO members and then set Russian people free, while pretending to play along with the West" angle doesn't work.

Having total control over the population so there's more chance you'll stay in power, while also making bank with global pharma companies? I mean, 99% of politicians would take that deal any day of the week!

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So Russia's law is set to become law in February? Well, I think it's fish-or-cut-bait time right now in the U.S. The Supreme Court just heard oral arguments yesterday on Biden's OSHA mandate. Signs are that they will strike it down. But whichever way they rule, it will have vast effects. "A House Divided Cannot Stand." If there is no Federal mandate, how are New York and California going to enforce their petty diktats? Only vax-tards will remain in those states; people who value freedom and their health will leave. Can TPTB live with "free states" in the South and "slave states" in the North/West? It didn't work well in 1861 when it was the other way around!

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"What are the conditions under which you say, “this is totally and completely unacceptable and there is no way to rationalize what is happening”?"

I have been saying that since Bill Clinton was elected and ushered in the era of permanent childhood.

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Here in Brazil we had only coronavac from Sinopharm right until April, because the anglo-american vaccines were reserved for the Imperial Core only, forbidden to the vassal nations. While it is clear that CHina used not only Brazil but also Chile and Turkey as guinea pigs for several months, only starting their own mass vaccination well after those countries, I have no fear of coronavac.

Every single vaccine I took in 37 years looks like coronavac, a deactivated virus. Also, Butanta Institute here in Brazil wanted to create a brazilian vaccine based on the deactivated virus. But Bolsonaro admin killed the project, people from other countries ignore how submissive Brazil has become to the US since Bolsonaro got elected (voted for him, btw)

Right now only anglo american vaccines are still being bought. and for the booster jab only pfizer is available, unless you got the first two shots from pfizer and so SOME, not all, places in that case offer you Astrazeneca instead. Again, Brazil is essentially occupied country right now, by the US

as of today, we could divide the country in 2: the half that prefers Bolsonaro and the other half, which prefers Lula and the left. the lefitst half is requiring the vaxx passport for most things, you cannot enter a public building without it in Rio. so if your drivers license in Rio gets past the due date, to renovate it you need a vaxx, for example. the other half requires it only for big events, but in Sao Paulo you can enter a night club without a vaxx passport.

While I took the coronavac jabs easily, pfizer is a deal breaker. that stuff clearly compromises your immune system. if a hard vaxx passport is implemented I gonna leave Sao Paulo and move to my farm in central brazil. my drivers license expires only in 2024 so I can wait that.

Because things will get worsen, by a lot, geopolitically.

I say that because I own a couple guns and the (no)availability and prices of ammo in Brazil went ballistic recently, and national accounts make it clear why: brazilian exports of gunpowder, lead, copper, and fuzes to the US is draining the country. why does the US needs so much of it, one wonders. there was a bnig cluster bomb debate recently, also meaning that Brazil is a huge supplier of the US even of that

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Do you think there is a connexion between the recent upheaval in Kazahstan and the repressive and tyrannical covid policy of the Kazah government? I finally left the saker blog because of its analysts blindness to face the covid tyranny and the Russian role in it.

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"We assume because people want to better understand the world. Probably many people are suspicious of approved narratives and are searching for the truth. Searching for the truth: that’s a tough one. It’s no easy task. It’s a long journey with many twists and turns."

If people are turning to YouTube for 'important' information, then they are really not up to speed. You've got a challenge equivalent to teaching a 3 year old advanced calculus (which I have no clue about by the way). If the person deciding that he or she wants to learn something about some important subject has a bit of humility and is willing to be guided and has the good fortune to know someone who has been paying attention and does have an idea about that important subject, he or she can use that guidance and begin the learning process. Otherwise, Coming at any subject cold, you will take a long time to get to where you're going, even if you're a decent, sane, caring person. The lunatic will never get anywhere. But the sane, caring person, even without the benefit of guidance, will eventually feel his or her way to the light (sane and caring sources of information).

But I really do feel that this toilet world's time is up. It's not going to last much longer. There'll be no decade. I don't think that there'll be even two years left for this toilet world (not planet) that God long ago determined he would destroy.

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This was my comment in the saker's open thread about Kazahkstan. After covid the saker has become a second tier source of information. Covis talk is simply BANNED there.

"Warning. France will be next. At least 100,000 people took to the streets of France in protest against Covid-19 restrictions and mandates, after President Macron promised to make the lives of the unvaccinated increasingly hard until they accept the jab.

This is off-topic. Stop pushing one theme – which is banned here – check the rules. Any further posts will go to trash. Stop trolling this site. Mod."

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The question everywhere is: why are they doing this and why is everyone doing it?

This has not so much to do with "meanness" but with Agenda 21, which everyone has agreed on through the UN.

Agenda 21 is a business plan for a new economy that is supposed to function completely differently. It will run the financial markets without direct reference to the real economy. What we used to call the real economy will then be managed and tradable property with men and mice that have to be monitored for inventory and maintenance. Means of payment will then no longer be "real" money, but the owners' allowance. It's Feudalism 2.0. this will be the new World Economy.

About this, as I said, everyone agrees - about this kind of economy The leeway exists for the owner in the kind of arrangement, but no longer in the mode of operation.

This is Agenda 21 and the fear of the end of the world, which supposedly cannot be prevented otherwise - this is what they have been preparing for decades, at the WEF, at the UN. If you want something different, you have to abolish Agenda 21. But neither Russia nor China will do that, on the contrary: both want to take the lead, to replace the dying world power, whose remains will then belong directly to the oligarchs.

Europe, I sometimes wonder who will still need the leftovers .... Parts, perhaps. In any case, the EU is working to register its silverware for auction or to get some of it into other hands. Against which no buyer should have anything.

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Is Austria delaying their mandate? By two months?!? Haha, that means it's over. They will fold like a cheap suit after omicron sweeps through. (Russia will probably do the same.)



h/t: https://eugyppius.substack.com/p/wendepunkt

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