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I wanted to watch the whole interview so badly but Tom is such an arrogant asshole I couldn’t. I am a huge fan of Ian’s work, he is thorough above and beyond and completely unbiased. He calls it as it IS, as do you. Perhaps I’m biased to towards you as it’s how I have seen this whole thing from watching and reading ALL KINDS of sources, Corbett, Webb, Fitts, Fuellmichs committee…I mean the list goes on. To NOT see the correlation between the Plandemic and the Great Reset and all that’s involved you must be blind. I’m not as articulate as most of your readers but I’m not stupid.

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You kicked ass on this discussion!

Matt confuses me, he was on the ball about the Covid being used to install the great reset, but then thinks that it can be done responsibly?

The issue is that there are people who think there's some sort of "responsible" use of this tech, forgetting that even with good intentions, manipulators love to embed themselves in order to hijack such technology.

And the even simpler point, you cannot defend any abrogation of rights, even if the goal is higher... Because this infects the lofty goal, just like religion started for good but ended up using their influence to get more power...

And the best place to question any and all vaccines is by going into the history of past pandemics and medicines. This paper alone explains that even deadly pandemics never showed transmission, which points the finger at other causes of the sickness, not the virus theory that needs transmission to work (and is absent)...


It's enough to doubt that these leaders even have a clue of the reality, or as we think, it's just a way for them to become more authoritarian.

To believe in that they are good actors requires a lot of beliefs that excuse the obvious points. Occam's Razor shows that any one who is doing this technocratic shit is pretty much doing it for power.

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I listened to the whole debate. Tom lost it. He got emotional and stopped making sense. He just started throwing out adhominems.

It was absurd of him, an American who doesn't speak Russian, to tell you, a guy living in Russia that you "don't understand the Russian mind."

But I guess we're just "Eurotrash" what do we know? :P

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Three or four things to say:

1. The discussion - we'll see it, but personally let me say I want to neither agree nor disagree, but am interested in painting the situation with nuance and sensitivity. My distaste for hopium-dealers and rah-rah-s is matched with my distaste for those who hint that it's simply a conspiracy of monsters. Instead, trying to understanding the exact nature of what happens is both interesting, can turn very vital for our interests, and it affirms our humanity to see the other being as a living part of nature if not exactly humanity.

2. You wrote "I believe we are witnessing the formation of at least two distinct blocs that will use the same type of technocracy and biosecurity to make life intolerable." - Fine, except the last word. Intolerable? Intolerable for you and me if we live on, but generally, as Bertrand Russell wrote exactly seventy years ago, "Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.”

3. https://i.ibb.co/bLK3bqn/Multipolar-horror.jpg - my current photoshop tinkering

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The more appropriate question may not have been asked. If they're trying to topple Putin via economic sanctions that have now backfired, and endless war in Ukraine, then he is clearly the enemy of the western neoliberal order (including WEF post-humanist technocratic psychopaths like Schwab and Harari) which makes the enemy of our enemies still Putin, no? It's up to Russians to deal with their own domestic medical apartheid digital dystopic tyranny. One can embrace Putin, Russia and the Ruble in toppling the drunken evil western American petrodollar empire, and all its oligarchs like Bill Gates and still be against the WEF CBDCs and digital technocracy. The two do not preclude each other if Putin will not be making policy in the west once it self immolates and the power vacuum that remains needs filling. [edit: This view is based on Alex Thomson and Clif High who diverge with Corbett here and have asserted that Putin is the enemy of our enemies in the west.]

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Just watched the whole debate. I think Riley and Iain presented the stronger argument here, though I found the debate frustrating as it seems as though each side was emphasing different aspects of the Great Reset but the ideas were not entirely incompatible.

The simplistic idea that Putin is a WEF puppet and this is all theatre designed to confuse us is clearly not what anyone believes, though Tom used this as a strawman early on.

I don't buy Matt's assertion that China has a different, more benign flavour of technocratic control, and China's harsh zero covid measures are because it fears a virus targeting their genetics. And certainly don't buy Tom's idea that China's covid measures are primarily designed to hurt the west through supply chain disruption.

I think it's absolutely clear that China and Russia are on board with technocratic & transhumanist elements of the Great Reset,"you will own nothing and be happy" and you'll be tagged, tracked and controlled to the nth degree.

It seems like we're potentially in the worst situation possible - the movement towards vaccinations, mandates, digital ID, CBDC, will continue even if Russia & China foil Western elites plans.

It's hard to not get nihilistic and depressed about this shit.

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Speaking of the Great Reset, apparently Ukraine plans to introduce UBI.


"Ukraine intends to introduce unconditional income. The monthly amount is not specified.

Advisor to the President of Ukraine on Economic Affairs Oleg Ustenko announced that the Ukrainian government is considering introducing universal basic income for the population. It means that every citizen will be receiving a set monthly amount, without any conditions and without the need to work off this money. But Ustenko did not specify when the payments are expected to start and what the monthly amount in question is. "

Yeah, I'm not buying that "without any conditions" part.

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Riley is awesome in articulating Russia's version of the "great reset". Sad yet true. So many citizens worldwide (including myself) had hoped Russia would stand up to the World Economic Forum's diabolical plot. This hopium is fading fast. The last Russian elections were rigged with remote computer voting in United Russia's favor. At present, Russia's best chance of avoiding the "great reset" iceberg depends on supporting the Communist Party as their leader is totally against this scamdemic/plandemic injection passport digital ID scheme. With the progressive youth in Saint Petersburg NOT putting up much resistance, the future does NOT look so bright. I can take off my rose colored sunglasses now. Sad with a sigh.

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I enjoyed everyone in the debate. You and Tom obviously get to each other, but Tom was the only one flinging ad homs. I did not think that his tantrum on his own site afterwards made him look good. I think Iain is also wonderful and didn't deserve to be called a 'useful idiot' (as you did not, either). It is unfortunate that Tom resorted to the sort of behavior I detest seeing from wokies, which is stooping to petty insults and name-calling, and saying how dare you insult Russia since you're living there, was icing on the cake. What the hell? So Tom can live in the US (I am assuming) and criticize it all he wants, but you can't do the same in Russia? So silly.

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Hi Riley. First, thanks much for this-here blog -- it's incredibly valuable.

Yours was the position I was most sympathetic with. Luongo's/Ehret's argument that the reason Russia and China are imposing the Great Reset measures every bit as zealously, if not more so, than the west is because that's necessitated by the existential threat *posed* by the west -- and moreover that the measures are intended to be temporary -- couldn't possibly be more absurd. That's the we-had-to-destroy-the-village-in-order-to-save-it mentality on a societal scale; completely morally unjustifiable. To be fair, both Luongo and Ehret do acknowledge that the Russian and Chinese states are not comporting in a very people-friendly manner -- but their argument as stated totally ignores that it makes no sense whatever that imposing precisely the same Great Reset measures as their mortal enemies are doing, at precisely the same time, would/could *facilitate* the warding off of the existential threat (even assuming the latter to, in point of fact, exist).

That said, I came out of the debate with the same question I went in with; viz., how can we account for the paradox, here? If Russia and China *are* fully on board with the Great Reset, why are they warring with the west? And if they're *not* on board, why are they proceeding as if they *were*? Iain's explanation for the former -- that they want to be the *leaders* of the New World Order -- doesn't resonate with me: Once the shots have claimed their billions of victims, there'll be more than enough spoils to go around to obviate the necessity of fighting over them. Hrm, perhaps the warring is all just theatre; and Orwell's/Gilliam's notion of permanent pretend enemies to distract the proles from examining their miserable conditions with is as good an explanation as any?

As to your implied question ("for whatever reason") why this is all happening now, I would offer peak oil as the most likely explanation. The worldwide sustainable human population post-fossil-fuels appears to be somewhere south of 50 million. Previously, this looming issue could be smoothed-over easily enough by simply exploiting the third world sufficiently to enable enough of the fruits of empire to flow to aforesaid proles to keep them more or less quiescent. But now, as the quality and quantity of energy extracted becomes too small to permit this extravagance, white folk gotta be liquidated as well.


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Riley and Ian (unlike Matt and Tom) attach the ´´highest´´ importance to the plandemic and its obviously reset-friendly rollout in Russia, this being the ultimate intelligencer of all current volcanic developments, whether political, medical and/or maybe military.

However we might remember that for the vast majority of ordinary people (including highly educated and politically astute types in all countries) there exists a blind quasi-religious trust in the medical profession and associated august institutions like the WHO and GAVI.

People sorry just refuse to question medical authority!!

Was it not astonishing to find that someone of the calibre of George Galloway, for instance, immediately consented to the untested needlework and despite his signature sharp biting distrust of any and all political authority, simply rolled up his sleeve with childlike trust in his ´´doctor´s advice´´?

How many people just simply don´t want to enter the big pharma research rabbit-hole? How many would for a moment entertain thoughts on Terrain v germ theory?

Is it just a kind of primitive´´fear´´ of ´´sickness´´ and of course ´´death´´that leads to such shameless subservience to white coat authoritarians?

Whatever about the medical mafia in Russia, I imagine that the political and military leadership has been totally focused for the past two years towards a successful management of the current long brewing crisis.

To this end, it is reasonable to assume that any perceived departure from WEF ´´guidlines´´ during the pandemic proper might have hinted too conspicuously at the possibility of Russia´s current tectonic departures in its foreign policy and in the reverse engineering of the financial war on Russia.

This point (the brilliance of the ´´Rouble for Gas´´ move) was highlighted by Tom Luongo in the debate and Matt Ehret tried to focus on how internal political struggles (not just in Russia), have often historically involved a tempory dalliance with the most unsavoury elements, in order to move towards higher goals.

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Great article, Riley... thanks from Polska !

This is how i see things as well, just wasn't aware that russia is so much advancing this nwo agenda against their citizens. And attack on Ukraine as a way to divert attention from internal problems plus galloping orwellian restrictions is very likely explanation of 'all things hidden in russian way'.

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Pay no attention to the haters Riley, many want some kind of knight in shining armor to come and save them from the bad guys, do all the hard work in making their lives better (and easier/more comfortable) so when you expose their "knight in shining armor of the week" they tend to get very nasty and defensive. So many people still cling to the idea that some "white hats" in a government or military, or even some 'elected' official is going to solve our problems for us... they fail to comprehend the scale of the parasitic infection in our civilization. The centralized systems they want to transform, or improve or re-direct are beyond saving.. there is no version of outsourcing our sovereignty to external individuals or institutions and shirking responsibility to do the hard work in creating alternative ways of living by hoping someone else will do it for us that ends well.

Thanks for being a voice of reason and willing to ask the hard questions in a sea of excuse-making, technological-utopia propaganda seduced, savior figure seeking people.

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Of course Russia is a part of it. Both Russia and China are run by the same forces as the rest of the worlds governments.

All Warfare Is Based on Deception:


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I have no doubt that Putin is a player in that particular game - he addressed the WEF in 2009 and 2021, and given his policy moves in the last two years, he's moving as quickly as the rest - Ardern, Trudeau, and the like, to put the WEF agenda into force. And sundered WEF ties can be quickly re-established, it just takes the say-so of one man - and the people behind him - to do so. The same goes for Zelenskyy in Ukraine, by the way, except he's still very much a part of the WEF - and he's bringing in the censorship and state control of media aspects of the WEF agenda into force, there, just as Putin has done in Russia. And wars play an important role in overcoming resistance to bad policy, creating mass formations of the population, and cementing popular loyalty to leaders - which is vital to the enactment of the WEF agenda.

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It appears to me that the alarmist opposition might inadvertently become the publicity tool of the WEF. Every time the dystopian images of the WEF are conveyed, instead of alternative images, or at least alternative views accompanying the stories, the WEF wins, as the former stick in the minds of people, influencing them also through their subconsciousness. This is then also worsened by all the speculations and interpretations on what the WEF really wants. So far the WEF cult members throw all kind of speculative theories in the air, keeping the alarmists busy reacting, speculating, and enumerating the participants.

The problem seems to be that the WEF presents a global ideology, while the alternative views (of where society should be heading) is not based upon one ideology fits all, but falls apart into many different local views. The WEF works through the power of imaginative idea's, they need ultimately to be countered by alternative idea's and accompanying imagery (vision). Mind control in the form of images and idea's from others planted in your mind need to be countered (de-energized) by self created mind control, your own idea's. Everything what is, is imagined first (within the limitations of what is possible).

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