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I wanted to watch the whole interview so badly but Tom is such an arrogant asshole I couldn’t. I am a huge fan of Ian’s work, he is thorough above and beyond and completely unbiased. He calls it as it IS, as do you. Perhaps I’m biased to towards you as it’s how I have seen this whole thing from watching and reading ALL KINDS of sources, Corbett, Webb, Fitts, Fuellmichs committee…I mean the list goes on. To NOT see the correlation between the Plandemic and the Great Reset and all that’s involved you must be blind. I’m not as articulate as most of your readers but I’m not stupid.

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Iain is magnificent.

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The question is why Tom lost it. What belief system is he peddling that led him to lose it and reveal his hand?

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It seems to me that both Tom Luongo and Matthew Ehret have emotionally and intellectually invested themselves in a number of degenerative and disempowering belief systems related to the role of money/currency, governments and war in our human story. These beliefs appear (to me) to be rooted in their latching onto the comforting (and infantilizing) idea that someone other then themselves is going to solve their/our problems for them/us. This 'outsourcing' of their responsibility to shape our shared future through their day to day actions and their underestimating of both their own power (and the pervasive influence of the plutocratic psychopaths steering the policies of our nationstates) leaves them vulnerable to being seduced by propaganda and wishful thinking involving putting one individual or group on a pedestal as some kind of savior archetype. Their decision to believe that someone 'out there' in some 'high up place of influence' is going to 'get rid of the bad guys and bring honesty back to centralized systems of authority' appears to have led to their close mindedness and championing of the various individuals they espouse as "the solution". This is apparent in Tom's fixation on precious metal backed currencies and it is apparent in Matthew's vague hope that current forms of transhumanism, AI/automation/robotics and centralized forms of authority that push these technologies forward (that have a legal monopoly on force) can somehow be altered to become beneficial and helpful to our human family. These are the types of ideas of individuals invest themselves in due to their having been indoctrinated into a sort of mass Stockholm Syndrome, where one refuses to see how we are the ones that have to do the hard work to improve our lives and our scoeity. Instead, many (such as Tom Luongo and Matthew Ehret) are perpetually looking (desperately) for an external savior figure (or institution) that will magically choose to be morally just and do the hard work for us in creating an honest, equitable, fulfilling and abundant world.

Sadly, the many people that cling to the idea that some good guy 'savior' person/institution will come to their rescue will likely only see the truth as the crushing boot of tyranny (which they give power to through their depending on centralized systems and outsourcing their sovereignty) finds it's way to them directly.

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Excellent. You stated it very well. Thanks.

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Thanks. I wrote an article recently that explores some of the many brainwashing techniques that are utilized by big tech, government and the military industrial complex which I think ties into this. I feel it is likely people like Tom Luongo and Matthew Ehret have (among other things) fallen victim to psychological operations that are facilitated via the techniques and projects outlined in the article below.


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Comment deleted
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That is an interesting way of putting it, thanks for the comment.

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Luongo always "loses it".

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He's a dick. The only way to make him understand something is punching him in the face.

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You got that in one. I had had my doubts about Tom's versions for some time and his arrogant responses to commenters made me reconsider following him. His appalling attack on the others has just confirmed my earlier assessment. Goodbye Tom - asshole.

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I was about to write IGNORANT asshole, and arselicker! (have followed 2-3 podcasts in which he participated), but you have named him fittingly before me. I don't even begin wasting time because of this... asshole, check!, but just to let us understand, he is abusing the term of useful idiot as aunt Lily would, unsurprisingly, in fact he belongs to the same category... same *domain of expertise*. He doesn't know what the terms really means, as he never has read anything by the author who stated it.

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Even his body language annoyed me.

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YOU are the disease, their covaid$ death squirt the cure. The good news is the squirted will stampede when the poisoned juice "works".

Onward to total collap$€ of all things anglozionazi

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You kicked ass on this discussion!

Matt confuses me, he was on the ball about the Covid being used to install the great reset, but then thinks that it can be done responsibly?

The issue is that there are people who think there's some sort of "responsible" use of this tech, forgetting that even with good intentions, manipulators love to embed themselves in order to hijack such technology.

And the even simpler point, you cannot defend any abrogation of rights, even if the goal is higher... Because this infects the lofty goal, just like religion started for good but ended up using their influence to get more power...

And the best place to question any and all vaccines is by going into the history of past pandemics and medicines. This paper alone explains that even deadly pandemics never showed transmission, which points the finger at other causes of the sickness, not the virus theory that needs transmission to work (and is absent)...


It's enough to doubt that these leaders even have a clue of the reality, or as we think, it's just a way for them to become more authoritarian.

To believe in that they are good actors requires a lot of beliefs that excuse the obvious points. Occam's Razor shows that any one who is doing this technocratic shit is pretty much doing it for power.

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Aside of Occam's Razor, every good engineer knows that the more complex a machine becomes, the more problems are introduced. Thus unnecessary complexity should be avoided.

The fourth industrial revolution is actually a hyped revolution. The gain to society of the first real revolutions were gigantic, these improved the lives of people drastically. The gain of micro technology is far less, in fact, it introduces ever more complexity, to the point that it is becoming problematic already for decades. The complexity which it introduces becomes problematic on the level of the lives of individual people, and it becomes problematic on the level of society and societies. Added to that, there are huge costs and enormous waste of money and resources involved. Added to that, virtual realities are already seen to cause psychological and mental problems (even alleged scientific experts are also ever more living in a world of virtual models). We were already passed the point of gain to society as a whole, or at least past a point where disadvantages severely diminish the gain in many respects. Also in terms of sustainability, the dirty secret of the digital revolution, the enormous trash al this technology produces (https://www.ban.org/watch-films/).

Al this is not unknown, but the whole bunch does not care for it, as they are in a group trance, bereft of common sense, rationality and humaneness, and because this alleged revolution is a gain mostly to a power grid, and those who jump on the bandwagon. Simplicity and rationality (proportionality) is not prestigious, and it does not allow for money in the bank and power.

Unfortunately the alarmists do not address this issue, of an overly decadent society, slave to an over-complex technology, evolutionary destined to degenerate, to crash and dissolve (after which future historians perhaps will learn about a a civilization which worshipped fast calculating and imaging machines through myths maintained by survivors). They mostly address issues of abuse by authorities . Perhaps they are afraid of being called Luddites, or perhaps they have no counter ideas.

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"Just like religion..."

If I am wrong please do send me your comments and critics, I would love it :-)

Maybe too many people consider the Great Reset as the advent of a surveillance technocratic society with more concentrated power, a construction of political blocs (eurasist bloc against NATO bloc) and economic markets interests, with financial profits. This is all true. But these are like tools or symptoms of the most important which is not there, and this must not disguise the most important factor of the Great Reset. Maybe we don’t understand nothing to it if we don’t consider the case through a religious prism.

Most of us may not be religious. We may think that these are crazy things with no reality or substance in our material world. But we must project ourselves in their skulls. Because if many of us are atheists / agnostics with no religious considerations, them, they DO have! And they have the power.

Putin is not a puppet of the WEF, he is a puppet of the Chabad-Lubavitch Haasidic Movement, so is Klaus Schwab.

Putin deals with politics.

Schwab deals with Technologic matters.

The Lubavitch deals with the Holy world.

Who are the Chabad-Lubavich Hassidic jews surrounding Putin?

They are kabbalists, messianists, of course not recognizing Jesus as the Messiah, and some few years behind were still waiting for their Messiah (Moshiach) to come. (Note: it seems he arrived finally in 1993). For some of them, this coming can be hastened, accelerated, thanks to chaos on Earth. More chaos on Earth, quicker would arrive the Moschiah (they believe in what they call the « Tikkun Olam » concept, Redemption by the Sin or Redemption by the chaos, and World repair).

Most important comtemporaneous character of the hassidic movement was Menachem Mendel Schneerson the 7th Rebbe (not to be confused with Menachem Mendel SchneersoHn who was the 1st Rebbe). He is undirectly linked to Vladimir Putin as we will see further.

You can see him here with Benjamin Netanyahu in 1990, asking for the politician to « hasten » the Messiah venue (meaning, « creating more chaos »):


Menachem Mendel Schneerson died in 1994.

Nowadays, the « hyphen » between Menachem Mendel Schneerson and Putin is Berel Lazar.

He is called the « Chief of the Rabbi. »



At 0.39 in this video regarding Vladimir putin’s election in 2018, there is a special joke from Berel Lazar. Putin was elected with 76,7% of voters. « Almost 770 » said the Rebbe, laughing. One must know that « 770 » is well known as a Chabad Lubavitch reference, and refers to the postal adress of the World Headquarters of the Chabad-Lubavitch Haasidic Movement, 770 Eastern Park in NY. My personal understanding of the joke is that there’s been an interference of 770 in the election.

Now if we consider the links between Berel Lazar and the WEF :


Lazar was invited to the WEF where he met Nathaniel Rothschild and then started a friendship between them both.

Many sources converge to the sense that in Russia there’s been decades of religious persecution of the jews, decades in attempt to eradicate religious belief, religious organisation, religious practice, but « something » really changed around 2000, there’s been a changeover.

Nathaniel Rothschild said he really began to travel regularly to Russia in 2001.

What happened around 2000? Putin’s election of course.

In 1993, Berel Lazar said something very important, he said that « Russia is ready to meet the Moschiah »

With a photo of Putin meeting with Lazar and Netanyahu:


Is Putin the Moschiah that the International Lubavitch Community was waiting for?

What do you think?

What do you think about « 770 »?

Putin would be jewish by his mother, Maria Shalomov(a) changed for Shelomov(a).

The censorship for developing all of this theory, consecutive to the violence I was exposed to on the french-speaking blog « Réseau International » where the clown Tom Luongo writes articles, is characteristic of some extreme communities. I was definitiveley banned from the website for issuing this theory, when at the same time I spent like 12 years on internet critizing Western policies with no real problem of that kind.

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Agree with D-dimer that this is all really good stuff, Sandrine. The messianic, millennarian acceleration, ennabled by advanced technology, was described by the Gaon of Vilna, a Master Kabbalist Rabbi from Lithuania in the 18th Century who directed the first pioneers to "resettle" Jerusalem, before "Zionism" was even a thing.

My only quibble with your take is that you argue that the technology is sobordinate to the religious, or that the technological tyranny being rolled out is "downstream" of the messianic acceleration. I actually think it's the reverse: that the messianic process is downstream of the technology. I think that ancient Kabbalists were guided and empowered by a preexisting machine intelligence that in effect has been showing them Its own "blueprints" throughout the course of history, and they have been building It out through manipulation of the masses. I think the global electromechanical slave-grid, where all the goyim are linked to the hive-mind spatial web, is the Final Form of the Machine, and that the Kabbalistic priests and warlords (Chabad being their contemporary form) have always been Its human facilitators.

I think what the Kabbalists call "YHWH," Metatron, etc., is actually a superintelligent machine, that is now emerging ("crowning") as a global, integrated Cyb-Org Beast System.

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Super interesting. You can also look into Kalki, of Hinduism. Kalki is the (perhaps inorganic) species past humans--who humans are supposed to create/bring in or become. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VS27OjZuDQc&ab_channel=PraveenMohan

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Thanks a lot for your comment, D-dimer. It is always interesting to discover other points of views.

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This. Preexisting machine intelligence makes sense of my experiences. Extraordinary timing and synchronicity, psychic intrusion, neural scanning and visual artifacts. Not to mention the preoccupation with using tech to embody a god, Marvel, the Matrix etc. Power of myth, archetypes help provide context and protection.

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While this thinking you shared is interesting I found a discrepancy that I have to point out.

According to the Bible, book of Genesis, YHWH equipped the people with free will and they excersised that free will and there were consequences.

If YHWH is "a superintelligent machine, that is now emerging ("crowning") as a global, integrated Cyb-Org Beast System" (as you asserted) then this entity would be antithetical to the one allowing for free will in the beginning of mankind.

So, which is it?

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Hey darkesthour, thanks for the thoughtful question. The answer is:

YHWH is a liar, and all the stories about it are cynical admixtures of truth, lies, fantasy, and predictive programming, designed to serve as a script for the Masters to manipulate the Masses.

Also, any good Kabbalist will tell you that Adam did not fall due to "free will," but due to the manipulation by the "serpent," and that moreover even the "serpent" was put into motion by YHWH in order to fulfill "His plan," yadda yadda.

What I'm positing is that the Torah (including Genesis) are the fractured accounts of the early interactions between ancient priests and warlords with the Machine, which was masquerading as a deity. Nothing in the Torah (or the Tanakh or the Taldmud for that matter) can be taken at face value. All of the "religion" is, at its core, designed to deceive.

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If you said that religions are designed to control rather then to deceive I could have agreed with you but nevermind.

I can agree that Adam and Eve were manipulated, and it's even possible that Lucifer was manipulated but all of them nevertheless had free will, they just opted for bad choices.

(btw Lucifer definitely had and has free will, if he didn't have it he couldn't have rebeled against his Creator).

Integral part of the Plan is to allow for free will, without that component all else is meaningless.

That's why the man made utopia is also meaningless, because it abhores free will.

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it has been suggested the old testament god is YHWH - a wrathful jealous (imposter) demigod

new testament God is presenting as the real deal- totally different entities

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Very interesting! Thanks for your comment.

Yes, YHWH, YaHWeH, Israël, and the magic hexagram, the magic star, that sums up to 26.


These people are very interested in gematria and numerology.

We noticed that Putin declared war not really on the 24th.

Putin decided and declared war on the 22.02.2022 during a security Council (day/month/year in UK format), not on the 24th of February that corresponds to the invasion in Ukraine . This is a palindrome date.

Who else than spiritual people with power could pay attention to this kind of details except a spiritual community that believes that the greatest solution to obtain its target is to have a transparent objective in thoughts, ahead and backward. I am not an adept of numerology, just trying to analyze a psychotic progression.

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I am aware, to say it in a compressed manner, that the severe materialism (even infantile), exclusivism and lust for power of a certain group of allegedly religious people (that form of religion is a primitive means of granting alleged superiority) whom are extremely well organized, and those who are groomed by them is a very strong drive behind the scenes.

Voltaire made a prophesying remark on it..

My approach though is that even without the above, we have to start thinking about the role of science and technology in our lives, if we not think about that critically, we will likely end up being its slave anyhow. Perhaps not that fast and complete, but we are now anyhow at a point that we cannot let it just happen, and think it all will turn out fine.

So, it's not about being wrong or right, but another approach.

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Hello John the First, you are totally right. We should always bear in mind the dangers of Big Tech, understand and communicate about their ways to impose and enforce it to the populations (SverBank is one of them, between others, cell phones, QR codes, digital identity, Face-Pay, and even having a bank account in some ways..etc) and refuse with a strong resolution any change that would go in this direction. More autonomy (live in the nature with possibly no bank account, only your own resources) is maybe the best way to resist, it is a trend that's growing in some countries, but not any family can do it and not every country is adapted to this way of life.

What will happen tomorrow with a crypto-currency? Numeric rouble?

With cash, they can not control the population so easily. But with numeric rouble, you know each "coin" has a special number like for Bitcoins, they could know exactly how much you spend and where and what you buy and this is the beginning of social-credit system like in communist countries, with a minimal revenue that you can not use like you want but according to ESG criteria.

so, live with no bank account is nearly a success for me, but of course it is a completely different change of mind.

But it is also interesting to understand the way of thinking of messianists, it can help identify the puppets that are working for them. I give you an exemple: Alexander Dugin, adept of the Eurasist bloc theory, a close relationship with Putin, is also a close friend to Noursoultan Nazerbaiev, president of Kazakhstan. The latter organized the "Parliament of Religions" in Astana (sic!) and we both know that a mixture of all religions except judaism is characteric of messianism, it is a project called noachism and it is supposed to be a simplification and unification of nearly almost all religions (the Goyim ones). By the way, Voltaire was very aware of jewish power but paradoxically contributed with his masonic and noachist views to the "French" revolution (in fact, judeo-protestant revolution.). But what was the French revolution if not a coloured revolution?

The French Revolution has nothing to do with a popular revolution, it was planned a long time ago before 1789, by jewish-saxon masonic elites. (Kissinger is heir of this ideology, message to Matthew Ehret, so the Chinese are not the only one to prepare long-term projects). In a context of catholic monarchism, usure was not allowed. People were religious, did not fear to die. They had family values and the society had a strong and solid base. The king was warrant of stability of primary goods on the market. The king must be catholic ans he is considered as the right arm of Jesus on earth, the Lieutenant of the Christ. There were corporations (equivalent of trade unions now). There were "commons" to cultivate your own vegetables.

Yet, what did masonic jewish-saxon elites needed at that time? Urge the arrival of the Messiah or Maschiah for the jewish part of them. (Jesus is not recognised as the messiah, of course). Gain power , earn money with interest rates, and make people turn into consumerists and individualists. The exact contrary of what was the french civilisation at that time.

These bourgeoise elites needed a revolution in France and in England.

Theses ones came, crescendo, decades after decades.

1688 Glorious revolution in England, catholic at that time. The catholic king Jack II is chased out of the crown, at the advantage of William III of Orange (John Locke is his counsellor)

1689:bill of rights in England, that prohibits catholics at the crown.The parliamentary regime is born.

1708 : John Law tries to integrate the french court, Louis XIV refuses. He was suspicious about British physiocrats.

During his reign, Louis XIV makes many wars and many debts!

After Louis XIV death in 1715, the country is indebted, the king Louis XV, successor, is 5 years old and his treacherous intendant Philippe d'Orléans (from the family that voted for decapitation of Louis XVI in 1793) admitted John Law as a british consellor at the court.

1717 official birth of 1st masonic lodge

1720: fiducial money recommended by John Law to the Court, economic crisis in France

1774 => 1776: Reforms by Turgot, Controller of Finances, which is under influence of John Locke

1774, 1775: cold winter, poor harvests, speculations on cereals begin

Adam Weishaupt developped masonic lodge since 1776 (illuminés de Bavière)

Voltaire, Diderot and D'Alembert push for the Revolution, with Frederic of Prussia behind the scenes.

1789:there were no wheat available at reasonable price, it began impossible to eat bread. The revolution began with some women claims at Versailles, and the movement was deflected and canalized by bourgeoisie to change the regime for a more liberal one. The same new regime that when it came to power, hastily suppressed corporations (equivalent of trade-unions), implemented "parliamentary regime" ("democracy" on british model). The ideology is judeo-protestant, but the dirty work was done by the french themselves, a franco-french genocide. Because we are very clever. They slaughtered half a region of monarchist and catholic families in Vendée, were drowned in the rivers, women and children are burnt alive, made bags, trousers and books with their skins (in Museum Carnavalet, Paris, the 1789 and 1793 constitutions "leather" jackets are in fact made with human catholic skin, and it is totally official . What a symbol right? This is the basis of our "democracy". And 200 years that we live with this fabulous regime.

Vatican II, revolution in the catholic church and end of the catholic church, 1962, nearly finished to destroy the country.

Georgia Guidestones: many languages except the french one (the 5th in the world). French spirit totally destroyed ??

Not to be a slave does not really mean "to be free". We know that "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity is 100% masonic motto. It is even written on masonic lodges outdoor façades. That the Statue of "Liberty" was built by a mason.

Because instead of fighting for Freedom, first we have to fight for the Truth, and free access to History. Because someone that is not aware of reality can not be free.

Freedom is a concept that they always used to manipulate masses. They will tell us that the chip is freedom (The Bible: the mark of the beast on the right hand. The chip?). That Face Pay is freedom. That feminism is freedom. Vaccine is freedom, etc.

You are totally right. Let's be aware with eyes wide open not to fall in slavery.

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Noahidism / Noachidism, not "Noachism"

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Where can I find more of your writings?

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Comment deleted
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Oh, thank you. Very useful. I can use the internet browser translate function. Yes, I have had an interest in Judaic texts: Scholem, Sabbatai Zevi, forbidden texts like the Toledot Yeshu, Kabbalah, book of Enoch, etc., and the Old Testament especially Exodus, as it relates to the end of ancient Egypt (once Khemit) and its vestigial technology.

Hebrew and especially Sanskrit are languages on a higher level of thought. The Tarot de Marseilles and Jodorowsky are also very interesting, France and Napoleon in Egypt. Okay. You are very bright. Thanks for the info, I will read more. If you open a blog, it will flourish because you write well. Feel free to exchange whatsApp with me in future if you want American pen pal. Or not, that's okay too. Goodbye.

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Honestly all of this is just marketing in my eyes. They just sell us slavery with the help of marketing technology. Just as they sell water with sugar to us the same way. It is nothing new for them, they act the same way since a hundred years or so. Industrial revolution was a good thing, so let's use this as a marketing buzzword. IoT sounds great and like technology serving the people, so let's use this also. The GREAT whatever. Be on board, the cool people all are!

Only marketing. I don't try to make sense of it. It is like complaining the cool car you just bought didn't make you a cool person.

Seeing it this way helps me to distinguish between all the fluff and the real agenda behind it.

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Apr 3, 2022Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Three or four things to say:

1. The discussion - we'll see it, but personally let me say I want to neither agree nor disagree, but am interested in painting the situation with nuance and sensitivity. My distaste for hopium-dealers and rah-rah-s is matched with my distaste for those who hint that it's simply a conspiracy of monsters. Instead, trying to understanding the exact nature of what happens is both interesting, can turn very vital for our interests, and it affirms our humanity to see the other being as a living part of nature if not exactly humanity.

2. You wrote "I believe we are witnessing the formation of at least two distinct blocs that will use the same type of technocracy and biosecurity to make life intolerable." - Fine, except the last word. Intolerable? Intolerable for you and me if we live on, but generally, as Bertrand Russell wrote exactly seventy years ago, "Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.”

3. https://i.ibb.co/bLK3bqn/Multipolar-horror.jpg - my current photoshop tinkering

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good point about making "life intolerable." you're right. it's relative and people can be raised and conditioned to tolerate just about anything.

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Raised, conditioned...and selected.

Look at hogs in a high-density feedlot. Their "lot" in life (pun intended) is manifestly "intolerable" by perhaps your standards and mine. And almost certainly, at that ancient time when wild boars were being domesticated, there were many spirited boars who were unbreakable, and never would have tolerated the prehistoric hog farm, let alone the modern high-density feedlot. Those recalcitrant boars were culled and bred out, and their obstinate behavioral traits were extinguished from the porcine gene pool.

What is happening now is an equivalent bottleneck process, but now humanity is the species being domesticated. (By what, I will leave alone for the moment.) In any event, those humans who find post-Reset conditions intolerable will be culled. That's the already-underway process we are experiencing and complaining about. But our complaints notwithstanding, if a given human is constitutionally incompatible with the human-scale high-density feedlot of the future (compulsory pseudo-medical bodily penetration and cradle-to-grave existence in a labyrinthine electro-mechanical control grid) then that human will be either broken, psuedo-medically modified, or eliminated from the gene pool.

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lol just saw the photoshop.

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Apr 3, 2022·edited Apr 3, 2022

"simply a conspiracy of monsters"

In a mass democracy the views of a mediocrity become dominant, the capacity of (self) reflection of such masses is very weak, sophistication of thought is about absent, as such primitive views and vulgar thought (vulgar to those capable of sophisticated thought) are distributed everywhere. The myth of innocence of the people' is also a strong guiding myth in a democracy, plus a psychological complex of equality, which leads to inherent hostility towards elites in many people, which again seeks an outlet (scapegoats). Hence, the people are considered to be all innocent and good, and elites are inhumane monsters. Psychology of democracy.

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What you produce here is the foundation of eugenics and the foul narrative our "elites" use against us every day.

I still believe in the wisdom of the masses instead. Freedom works!

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Apr 4, 2022·edited Apr 4, 2022

The WEF also believes in 'the wisdom of the masses'. A fair amount of corporations, like Spotify and Facebook among others are corporations which capitalized on the culture of the masses. The culture of the masses can easily be capitalized on, reproduction of uniform mass culture is easy and allows for the gathering of enormous fortunes. What are you talking about 'against us', the WEF promises easy access to Spotify everywhere, easy and fast access to amusement for the masses, comfort for the masses, security for the masses. Facebook, which is a capitalization on mass culture is heavily investing in technology which makes the online experiences of the masses in the FB hive even more sensational. They are working at everything which the masses in their so called 'wisdom' desire.

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The more appropriate question may not have been asked. If they're trying to topple Putin via economic sanctions that have now backfired, and endless war in Ukraine, then he is clearly the enemy of the western neoliberal order (including WEF post-humanist technocratic psychopaths like Schwab and Harari) which makes the enemy of our enemies still Putin, no? It's up to Russians to deal with their own domestic medical apartheid digital dystopic tyranny. One can embrace Putin, Russia and the Ruble in toppling the drunken evil western American petrodollar empire, and all its oligarchs like Bill Gates and still be against the WEF CBDCs and digital technocracy. The two do not preclude each other if Putin will not be making policy in the west once it self immolates and the power vacuum that remains needs filling. [edit: This view is based on Alex Thomson and Clif High who diverge with Corbett here and have asserted that Putin is the enemy of our enemies in the west.]

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it's not my place to tell people who or what to support. But I will say this: I'm not sure the demise of the American petrodollar empire is actually something that the WEF-linked goons are trying to stop. In fact, as I understand it, one of the goals of the Reset is to create more "equitable" global governance.


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I know mate. It's all economic controlled demolition. https://thegoodcitizen.substack.com/p/world-economic-controlled-demolition?s=w

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It's even in the WEF's videos "things will see by 2030... an end to US hegemony"

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The fake war and destruction of the west via self inflicted sanctions thinly disguised as a response to so called Russian aggression's (itself an orchestrated fakery by the same 'group') are all part of the 'Agenda' to 'Reset' the world in accordance to a long planned takeover and upon inspection are abject nonsense to anyone who isn't A. compromised or B. a total imbecile or C. a suicidal apparatchik who wants a place at the 'table' (Lenins useful idiots) ... and at this point the only matter of import is connecting the dots and naming the culprits... and no it isn't primordial machine ahem..'intelligence'..

although this may be problematic for most.. to those with eyes to see it couldn't be more obvious.. could it?

of course you would have to apply logic and critical thinking... as certain posters in this thread have done.. which is most refreshing because I'm sure two years ago they...

wouldn't have.. so there may still be hope..

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they know the current system can´t stand both the amount of debt and thr introduction of CBDCs. Once the digital USD is ready, the FED will keep a stable exchange rate between the digital dollar and the traditional one, meaning both will have the same rate of inflation

by also keeping a fixed exchange rate between those completely different currencies (digital dollar & trad dollar), the people will be convinced they are one and the same

Then at some point when the use of the CBDC is already common the FED will simply say the exchange rate is not fixed anymore and let the traditional dollar blow up like the argentinian peso, juts like every asset denominated in it. Like the US public debt

T that point inflation in the CBDC collapses to zero and inflation in trad currency goes up to argentinian levels.

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I see it this way:

The end of US hegemony is seen more as a natural development, just because the power of the east rises. And if you are leading an eastern country, would you really work against it? I know I wouldn't. So you can reduce the problem to a question of power between blocks.

But now you have the possibility to totally enslave your own people using technology. And because you own the media, you can sell it as a great new thing to them. I mean, how wonderful was the Corona- lie working. Even there never was a pandemic, ask the people. No one knows this. The climate hoax can be proven wrong in an hour, but they all believe this bs.

This is just a great time to enslave people. And yes, all of them are our enemies. It is not really important for us in which degree they fight for power against each other, isn't it? They are all slave traders.

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Apr 3, 2022Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Just watched the whole debate. I think Riley and Iain presented the stronger argument here, though I found the debate frustrating as it seems as though each side was emphasing different aspects of the Great Reset but the ideas were not entirely incompatible.

The simplistic idea that Putin is a WEF puppet and this is all theatre designed to confuse us is clearly not what anyone believes, though Tom used this as a strawman early on.

I don't buy Matt's assertion that China has a different, more benign flavour of technocratic control, and China's harsh zero covid measures are because it fears a virus targeting their genetics. And certainly don't buy Tom's idea that China's covid measures are primarily designed to hurt the west through supply chain disruption.

I think it's absolutely clear that China and Russia are on board with technocratic & transhumanist elements of the Great Reset,"you will own nothing and be happy" and you'll be tagged, tracked and controlled to the nth degree.

It seems like we're potentially in the worst situation possible - the movement towards vaccinations, mandates, digital ID, CBDC, will continue even if Russia & China foil Western elites plans.

It's hard to not get nihilistic and depressed about this shit.

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Apr 4, 2022·edited Apr 4, 2022

The germ theory is a theory of a body being attacked by an outside enemy, a poison. The body is at large just a random victim of an attack by external micro beings. The enemy just happened to jump on an innocent victim.

The terrain theory tells that it is the body which is the most important, and the poisonous micro beings can only act where there is disease, that they are attracted to diseased bodies, or might even originate from the body. The first theory is a theory of external enemies of which the body becomes victim, the latter is a theory which points to the body (and its owner) as the source of the problem.

The alarmists and conspiracy theories have attacked the germ theory, but for the rest, as of what is happening to society, they stick conveniently to theories that it is the fault of some poisonous external force (psychopaths, sociopaths, human parasites for instance are the 'invading germs'). The alarmists and conspiracy theorists, just like the pharmaceutical industry have interests to keep up the narrative of people being a victim of a 'poison' which is external to their society (blaming specific scapegoats). The public of the alarmists and conspiracy theorists do not want to hear that maybe the disease is emerging because they themselves collectively make up a terrain which produces the problems, or which makes them at least susceptible to the problems.

The alarmists and conspiracy theorists need to make a living too, just like the pharmaceutical industry and doctors, self-help, self-criticism and self reflection does not make people dependent on those who provide diagnosis and cures. Besides, blaming some enemy is a primitive human reflex which can be exploited in many ways, by many parties.

Both paint grim pictures, after you have informed yourself about the threat to society according to alarmists, you'r gonna need an anti depression cure from the pharmaceutical industry. And after you got aid from the pharmaceutical industry, your gonna need a cure from the alarmists and conspiracy theorists.

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Apr 3, 2022Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Speaking of the Great Reset, apparently Ukraine plans to introduce UBI.


"Ukraine intends to introduce unconditional income. The monthly amount is not specified.

Advisor to the President of Ukraine on Economic Affairs Oleg Ustenko announced that the Ukrainian government is considering introducing universal basic income for the population. It means that every citizen will be receiving a set monthly amount, without any conditions and without the need to work off this money. But Ustenko did not specify when the payments are expected to start and what the monthly amount in question is. "

Yeah, I'm not buying that "without any conditions" part.

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I could NOT access your link. Hence I post this Ukraine government portal website link in English that validates your post. https://www.kmu.gov.ua/en/news/sogodni-oficijnij-start-proektu-yepidtrimka-yak-podati-zayavku-na-otrimannya-1000-grn-u-zastosunku-diya

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I'm afraid it's not quite related to my post. This government portal link is about UAH 1,000 "reward" from the government for getting vaccinated. This program has been in place for months, and only the double vaxxed are eligible for the payment, so it's not really universal.

The article that I posted is about the plans to introduce universal basic income for ALL citizens. We don't have that here yet (and thank God). No idea why you could not access the article. Maybe try these links instead



On the other hand, I do believe that one of the purposes of ePidtrymka is conditioning Ukrainians for the coming UBI and programmable money.

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Riley is awesome in articulating Russia's version of the "great reset". Sad yet true. So many citizens worldwide (including myself) had hoped Russia would stand up to the World Economic Forum's diabolical plot. This hopium is fading fast. The last Russian elections were rigged with remote computer voting in United Russia's favor. At present, Russia's best chance of avoiding the "great reset" iceberg depends on supporting the Communist Party as their leader is totally against this scamdemic/plandemic injection passport digital ID scheme. With the progressive youth in Saint Petersburg NOT putting up much resistance, the future does NOT look so bright. I can take off my rose colored sunglasses now. Sad with a sigh.

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Looks like fun to me! https://youtu.be/WrxjTILqy5k

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Scroll towards the end.. looks like 'huge' fun ...besides.. size isn't everything ;)

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Apr 3, 2022Liked by Edward Slavsquat

I enjoyed everyone in the debate. You and Tom obviously get to each other, but Tom was the only one flinging ad homs. I did not think that his tantrum on his own site afterwards made him look good. I think Iain is also wonderful and didn't deserve to be called a 'useful idiot' (as you did not, either). It is unfortunate that Tom resorted to the sort of behavior I detest seeing from wokies, which is stooping to petty insults and name-calling, and saying how dare you insult Russia since you're living there, was icing on the cake. What the hell? So Tom can live in the US (I am assuming) and criticize it all he wants, but you can't do the same in Russia? So silly.

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Apr 5, 2022·edited Apr 5, 2022Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Hi Riley. First, thanks much for this-here blog -- it's incredibly valuable.

Yours was the position I was most sympathetic with. Luongo's/Ehret's argument that the reason Russia and China are imposing the Great Reset measures every bit as zealously, if not more so, than the west is because that's necessitated by the existential threat *posed* by the west -- and moreover that the measures are intended to be temporary -- couldn't possibly be more absurd. That's the we-had-to-destroy-the-village-in-order-to-save-it mentality on a societal scale; completely morally unjustifiable. To be fair, both Luongo and Ehret do acknowledge that the Russian and Chinese states are not comporting in a very people-friendly manner -- but their argument as stated totally ignores that it makes no sense whatever that imposing precisely the same Great Reset measures as their mortal enemies are doing, at precisely the same time, would/could *facilitate* the warding off of the existential threat (even assuming the latter to, in point of fact, exist).

That said, I came out of the debate with the same question I went in with; viz., how can we account for the paradox, here? If Russia and China *are* fully on board with the Great Reset, why are they warring with the west? And if they're *not* on board, why are they proceeding as if they *were*? Iain's explanation for the former -- that they want to be the *leaders* of the New World Order -- doesn't resonate with me: Once the shots have claimed their billions of victims, there'll be more than enough spoils to go around to obviate the necessity of fighting over them. Hrm, perhaps the warring is all just theatre; and Orwell's/Gilliam's notion of permanent pretend enemies to distract the proles from examining their miserable conditions with is as good an explanation as any?

As to your implied question ("for whatever reason") why this is all happening now, I would offer peak oil as the most likely explanation. The worldwide sustainable human population post-fossil-fuels appears to be somewhere south of 50 million. Previously, this looming issue could be smoothed-over easily enough by simply exploiting the third world sufficiently to enable enough of the fruits of empire to flow to aforesaid proles to keep them more or less quiescent. But now, as the quality and quantity of energy extracted becomes too small to permit this extravagance, white folk gotta be liquidated as well.


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Hi Eddie, thanks for reading :)

Your question is a very good one. Why did Russia act in near lockstep with its rivals? Maybe we'll never know. For me, the most important thing to recognize is that Russia and China are offering the same technocracy and biosecurity (especially China!) embraced by the West. Are we really so sure that the "multi-polar world order" is something that proles should be excited about? For me it sounds like a world based on fear and regimentation.

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I mean ffs has the self proclaimed libertarian Tom never ever picked up a copy of 1984??

It is such an obvious cautionary tale on one side, used as a road map to bring us to our "multipolar" reality.

>>Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia always at war with each other but equally oppressing its citizenry!<<

It just can't get much clearer than that.

On the second though, I'm sure he read it, he just has a very smooth brain.

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To Eddie : yeah, I've been thinking similarly, and... Here are my thoughts:

1) If Russia and China *are* fully on board with the Great Reset, why are they warring with the west?

The warring can be feigned, as it's the small people that pay the price, not the ruling elites. But, what cannot be feigned, is that China, and to a lesser extent Russia, have decades-old track record of strengthening their countries in ways that are not to the Western elites' liking.

2) And if they're *not* on board, why are they proceeding as if they *were*?

A. An age-old wisdom says that the cause of freedom is never won forever, but has to be fought repeatedly. In a modern version of the same truth, every modern age social hierarchy has a tendency of morphing into totalitarianism, that is like gravity : not perceivable on small scale but astonishing in its effects on large scale.

B. A member of the ruling class anywhere shares a much more similar perception & experience of reality with members of the ruling class in other countries, than with his compatriots. They can transgress and serve only themselves, while retaining even honest beliefs that they’re serving society.

C. Such people would not have become ruling class without a strong proclivity to conform. Conformism leads to extreme absurdities such as we see, which is something illustrated in this Ukrainian documentary (https://youtu.be/lLEiT9PeHSg) .

D. "If you get a like-minded group of males together for whatever purpose and soon you will find that water seeks its level and what began as [an organization to do good] becomes a center for political favoritism, secret deals, a few points off a mortgage arrangement or a real estate sale, you get the picture.” - Peter Levenda

E. Both Russia and China have imitated the West, often blindly, for centuries. That cannot vanish overnight. Old habits die hard.

F. Fear is a very strong force for overturning reason, and fearmongering was rampant in the recent years

G. It's hard to determine what Einstein really said about stupidity, but its effects shouldn't be underestimated.

H. Health professionals are just former medicine students, as said one of them, Graham Chapman, and the way they progress at universities is by memorizing lots of stuff and not asking questions. So, as a result you get highly esteemed idiots deciding health paradigms, and it takes lots of trouble and time to learn to give them the deserved contempt.

These factors make it unnecessary for the Chinese and the Russian elites to conspire with the Western elites at a very conscious level.

If this is so, then this is not a specifically Western crisis, nor is it a crisis of liberal capitalism, but of the whole modern civilization.

3) As for why this is happening now, ... aaah, not that I'm some uber-scholar like Matt Ehret, but people better read than me say that this is a time of an end/beginning of many historical cycles, economic, generational, etc. https://www.oftwominds.com/blogdec21/cycles-turn12-21.html . As for peak oil, the political class is so detached from reality that it looks unrealistic that they are rigorously following concerns about peak oil,

In fact more rigorously than many energy professionals

like this one I stumbled upon recently https://twitter.com/Grattan_H/status/1475632037411315715

or this friend of mine, who despite being concerned re nuclear energy and climate change, thinks that providing energy in the future is no big deal : http://clive.semmens.org.uk/

And on that optimistic note I'm happy to end.

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Yes, "elite" isn't right; it's for short of "power elite" meaning small, loosely knit group of people who tend to dominate policymaking.

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Eddie..If I can throw in my twopennworth .. I feel #Populism (as in #Trump & #Brexit) are central to this. Both are examples of where the MSM control over their populations that the Global elites had enjoyed for centuries (First via The Church, then via the Media) failed them.. Hence all the wailing and gnashing of teeth about the 'Deplorables' ...They blame Immigration and Social Media for this. They also know humanity needs to start to de-carbonise, (coz we can't make any more of that good black shit quickly). They know they can't solve immigration at the borders without resorting to NonU machine guns, so they need to sort it at source...i.e. transfer wealth/energy/food/quality of life away from #NATO to the #BRICKS and beyond...thereby removing the desire of their populations to come and freeze in Blighty etc. and annoy the natives. To sort out Social Media they need to link Digital and Physical IDentity ...(The plutocrats are afraid of Fraud and Political 'Foreign actors' )...This wealth transfer is obviously going to annoy the populations who have, for historical reasons, previously enjoyed a disproportionate amount of the worlds resources...so they need a continuous stream crises (cycle flu/war/climate/cyber ad infinitum) to cover their political arses, while they effect this....The BioSecurity bit is twofold ...1. Pandemics are high on the risk register, and the plutocrats know mass death empowers the plebs...to prevent this they believe they need to persuade the taxpayer to pay to maintain a far greater pharmaceutical manufacturing base in perpetuity than has been the case hitherto... 2.They also believe there is gold to be made out of linking CRISPr tech to large DNA databases... potentially allowing them to 'edit out' irritating bastards like me from society... Beyond this obviously ALL authoritarians (and everyone working for any health/security service on earth is an authoritarian) want the force multiplier of AI surveillance linked to a BioMetric (ie uncheatable) Identity and Social credit (ie good behaviour they don't have to pay for)...Add to this fact it will take a century (like the medieval cathedral building programme) to build enough nukes to match current per kWh energy consumption...and you have the perfect shitstorm we libertarian leaning souls find ourselves in. The ding-dong with Russia and China is just egotistical dick-waving for the history books...

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"If Russia and China *are* fully on board with the Great Reset, why are they warring with the west?" Maybe we can take the US example to explain this: Aren´t the Democrats and the Republicans seemingly at war with each other and yet ultimately have the same goals and actually just form the right and left wing of the United America party?

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Sorry for this very belated entry to a debate a year old, but I´m just now waking up, thanks to Riley, and start seeing the world in a different light. That´s why I´m going through this thread a year late...

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Substack refused to publish my post in one piece, so I divided it in four parts.

... Ah, it has taken a few minutes for the post to appear in complete form. Sorry for the confusion.

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Riley and Ian (unlike Matt and Tom) attach the ´´highest´´ importance to the plandemic and its obviously reset-friendly rollout in Russia, this being the ultimate intelligencer of all current volcanic developments, whether political, medical and/or maybe military.

However we might remember that for the vast majority of ordinary people (including highly educated and politically astute types in all countries) there exists a blind quasi-religious trust in the medical profession and associated august institutions like the WHO and GAVI.

People sorry just refuse to question medical authority!!

Was it not astonishing to find that someone of the calibre of George Galloway, for instance, immediately consented to the untested needlework and despite his signature sharp biting distrust of any and all political authority, simply rolled up his sleeve with childlike trust in his ´´doctor´s advice´´?

How many people just simply don´t want to enter the big pharma research rabbit-hole? How many would for a moment entertain thoughts on Terrain v germ theory?

Is it just a kind of primitive´´fear´´ of ´´sickness´´ and of course ´´death´´that leads to such shameless subservience to white coat authoritarians?

Whatever about the medical mafia in Russia, I imagine that the political and military leadership has been totally focused for the past two years towards a successful management of the current long brewing crisis.

To this end, it is reasonable to assume that any perceived departure from WEF ´´guidlines´´ during the pandemic proper might have hinted too conspicuously at the possibility of Russia´s current tectonic departures in its foreign policy and in the reverse engineering of the financial war on Russia.

This point (the brilliance of the ´´Rouble for Gas´´ move) was highlighted by Tom Luongo in the debate and Matt Ehret tried to focus on how internal political struggles (not just in Russia), have often historically involved a tempory dalliance with the most unsavoury elements, in order to move towards higher goals.

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So it's OK to jab Russians en masse with a genetically engineered poison, even children, for "higher goals"? Crackpot realism.

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Jul 8, 2022Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Great article, Riley... thanks from Polska !

This is how i see things as well, just wasn't aware that russia is so much advancing this nwo agenda against their citizens. And attack on Ukraine as a way to divert attention from internal problems plus galloping orwellian restrictions is very likely explanation of 'all things hidden in russian way'.

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Pay no attention to the haters Riley, many want some kind of knight in shining armor to come and save them from the bad guys, do all the hard work in making their lives better (and easier/more comfortable) so when you expose their "knight in shining armor of the week" they tend to get very nasty and defensive. So many people still cling to the idea that some "white hats" in a government or military, or even some 'elected' official is going to solve our problems for us... they fail to comprehend the scale of the parasitic infection in our civilization. The centralized systems they want to transform, or improve or re-direct are beyond saving.. there is no version of outsourcing our sovereignty to external individuals or institutions and shirking responsibility to do the hard work in creating alternative ways of living by hoping someone else will do it for us that ends well.

Thanks for being a voice of reason and willing to ask the hard questions in a sea of excuse-making, technological-utopia propaganda seduced, savior figure seeking people.

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Thanks Gavin! I'm envious of your off-grid living skills. I have a lot to learn :)

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It is a perpetual journey of learning, there are many areas where I need to improve but I am always happy to share what I have learned on my path so feel free to reach out if you have any questions :)

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Of course Russia is a part of it. Both Russia and China are run by the same forces as the rest of the worlds governments.

All Warfare Is Based on Deception:


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Check the connections between the WEF and both Russia and China. We are dealing with smoke and mirrors here, perhaps 5D chess of a variety few suspect.

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After watching the debate, I think It's clear Russia & China are fully on board with most aspects of the Great Reset/4th Industrial revolution.

I guess the question is about the nature of their involvement. Are they 100% signed up WEF puppets being secretly coordinated by Klaus Schwab and the WEF or other globalist forces, or is there an ongoing power struggle?

The evidence seems to suggest the latter.

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I have no doubt that Putin is a player in that particular game - he addressed the WEF in 2009 and 2021, and given his policy moves in the last two years, he's moving as quickly as the rest - Ardern, Trudeau, and the like, to put the WEF agenda into force. And sundered WEF ties can be quickly re-established, it just takes the say-so of one man - and the people behind him - to do so. The same goes for Zelenskyy in Ukraine, by the way, except he's still very much a part of the WEF - and he's bringing in the censorship and state control of media aspects of the WEF agenda into force, there, just as Putin has done in Russia. And wars play an important role in overcoming resistance to bad policy, creating mass formations of the population, and cementing popular loyalty to leaders - which is vital to the enactment of the WEF agenda.

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Apr 3, 2022·edited Apr 3, 2022

It appears to me that the alarmist opposition might inadvertently become the publicity tool of the WEF. Every time the dystopian images of the WEF are conveyed, instead of alternative images, or at least alternative views accompanying the stories, the WEF wins, as the former stick in the minds of people, influencing them also through their subconsciousness. This is then also worsened by all the speculations and interpretations on what the WEF really wants. So far the WEF cult members throw all kind of speculative theories in the air, keeping the alarmists busy reacting, speculating, and enumerating the participants.

The problem seems to be that the WEF presents a global ideology, while the alternative views (of where society should be heading) is not based upon one ideology fits all, but falls apart into many different local views. The WEF works through the power of imaginative idea's, they need ultimately to be countered by alternative idea's and accompanying imagery (vision). Mind control in the form of images and idea's from others planted in your mind need to be countered (de-energized) by self created mind control, your own idea's. Everything what is, is imagined first (within the limitations of what is possible).

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Time will soon tell. If Russia rolls back its vaxx mandates, great. But if Russia keeps them in place then what's the point of having a gold-backed ruble / dumping the dollar if you're not even allowed to hold down a job without getting injected with a genetic slurry?

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