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lol we pressed "publish" and then realized we called Tim...Tom. Anyway. sorry Tim. Fixed. Please don't support this gross clot-shot, though!

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Love your blog. You changed my mind on Sputnik. I am so disappointed by Putin I have to say...

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thanks for keeping an open mind -- and for reading us! be well

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If this guy is trolling like someone else here suggested, that is an ultimate embarrassment for RT. They might need translators from “high asf with Joe Rogan” into real English and a bit of context.

But bro I got some major HEAT coming out next week going in on all them shills bro!

P.S. My alcoholic neighbor also says he likes Sputnik a lot. He allegedly uses the empty vial as a shot glass so he doesn’t get totally cooked by lunchtime.

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can't wait for the new Lil' Kremlin track to drop!!!!

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First about the subject of the article that Riley has presented for our judgment. This is not really RT's fault that they make a big deal out of some mediocre celebrity and even more, promotion of something made in Russia, and especially the clotshot about which Russian internal propaganda goes nonstop 24/7. This is the prevalent mentality of the post-Soviet block, to be secondary and even tertiary in respect to the West. Was the Soviet system good or bad is up for discussion, I personally think it was 80% good and 20% bad, but they were trailblazers in building new socioeconomic order until the second half of the 70s, when idea of the conversion with the West has won the minds of the top of Soviet elites. How many times I told RT editors - stop making news, like confirmation of Putin-Biden video conference talk date, "breaking news", "stop the world" type of events. Just look at American press - it's hardly mentioned at all. But Russia is actually not as bad in this regard, since the tradition of 1000+ years of uninterrupted statehood helps it to have at least some degree of independence. It is the other countries, like Romania or Ukraine present an example of total dependence on Western example or an opinion. I remember like some actress, Penélope Cruz, I believe, appeard for a photoshoot in a Mexican emroydered folk blouse, reminiscent of Ukrainian vyshivanka shirt and Ukrainian social networks segment exploded in thankfulness to the actress (Diakuemo, diakuemo!) for supporting Ukraine.

But, here is something even more interesting with regards to RT, here is their chief editor and director, Margarita Simonyan manifesto of her support for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the New (ab)Normal. Fascinating read in its surrealism. She used this text to congratulate Russians with a coming new year.


In the beginning was the Word. There will be a number at the end.

In the future, science will converge at a single point with the religious presentiments of the prophets. It turns out that the scientifically based future of humanity differs from the biblical texts only stylistically. And we are inevitably waiting for the end of the world, and Resurrection, and eternal life, and hell, and heaven, and, of course, the Last Judgment.

How will it be? For example, like this.

1. Resurrection.

Even today, science can create a human organ from a cell. Tomorrow, a deceased person will be recreated from DNA. They will resurrect. The right to resurrect loved ones will become the basic right of anyone living. Those from whom there is no DNA left will be resurrected using the DNA of their relatives.

2. Heaven and hell.

Already today, global warming is forcing entire states to prepare for universal emigration. Tomorrow, warming will turn today's glaciers into blooming New Maldives (the old ones will disappear into the ocean by then), and the rest of the Earth into a burning desert. So the Earth will be divided into heaven and hell.

3. The Last Judgment.

Of course, there is not enough space and natural resources for a cloudless life in the New Maldives for all the resurrected. It's no joke, one hundred, one hundred and fifty billion people who ever lived on our planet at the time of the introduction of Resurrection technology. On a planet where resources are already almost exhausted.

And then humanity will guess at once and irrevocably divide people into bad and good. Eternal life in the New Maldives will only go to those who deserve it.

How will they do it? Quite scientifically. This week, for the first time in history, a paralyzed Australian wrote a tweet with the power of thought thanks to a chip installed in his brain. Tomorrow it will be easy and simple to completely decipher a person's memory.

Including the resurrected person.

His brain, connected to some mementograph, as casually as an ultrasound now determines the sex of an unborn child, will tell the patient's entire previous life itself, which can be hidden from the state and the Church, from his wife and friends, but not from his own memory.

All actions. All thoughts. All the meanness. All graces. Envy and mercy. Revenge and forgiveness.

And then, on the basis of deciphered memory, the Supreme Judge - artificial intelligence, digital program, Supreme Intelligence (does it matter what this infallible, impartial and omnipotent entity will be called in scientific terminology or as it is already called in the terminology of religious presentiments - personally, I prefer the word Lord in the old-fashioned way) - will give each person a verdict that is not subject to revision.

According to the totality of his achievements in his former, mortal hypostasis, a resurrected person will either receive two years of Eternal Life in the New Maldives, or hard labor in the desert of a flaming concentration camp, into which the rest of the Earth will turn.

4. The end of the world.

Already, the resources of our planet are almost exhausted. Soon there won't be any left at all. Even for the production of large volumes of electricity. The end of the world, thus, will be quite literal — the lights will be turned off all over the Earth.

5. Eternal life.

This year, Japanese scientists have deciphered the brain aging gene. Tomorrow, all the genes that make a person grow old and die will be deciphered and reprogrammed. Any organ, including the brain, can be restored effortlessly, as rotten teeth are now.

The author of Ecclesiastes did not know 'how bones are formed in the womb of a pregnant woman' - now the student also knows this. Students of the future will make fun of our mortality.

So I see. I can't see, but I'm peering. And there, already very far away, they loom menacingly and comfortingly, these vague outlines of the only possible future.

Remember this every time you prepare, as it was said, "even in your thoughts," to commit a small or a big one, when you decide to sin against the main Commandment explained to us in Scripture: "Love your neighbor as yourself."

Be Human. Be able to forgive. Learn to be humble. Don't bring more evil into the world than is already piled up in it without you. Earn a Resurrection.

Buy an apartment in the New Maldives at the excavation stage.

Happy New Year to all!

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I saw that Simonyan post--absolutely bizarre!! She is such a weirdo.

About RT: there is actually even deeper context here)) .... RT's "Russia section" is edited by an Irishman, and many of the "journalists" under his command are foreigners -- British and American. I may be wrong but I think the "regulars" who do articles for RT's "Russia desk" are mostly non-Russians. Whether that changes the dynamic, perhaps it's hard to say...

I do agree that there is horrible media coverage on all "sides", but I'm not sure if it excuses RT's behavior) after all, it's paid for by Russian taxpayers, surely it should be relaying the wishes and desires of its patrons, not some meaningless "endorsement" from an American comedian? Of course, I am being idealistic, probably) But it is painful to see when you consider that RT will cover news stories critical of Pfizer but won't touch critical stories about Sputnik....for me, when I worked there, this double-standard was totally unacceptable....

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I agree with you, Riley, RT doesn't have an exuse not to represent interests, hopes and the view of the world that Russian people have, but who cares about people now days? Governments and their media shills? I'm sure you are already laughing at this suggestion ))) Btw, I just saw your other article on the vaccine injury tracking website shutdown in Russia. They are not too ceremonious there, are they? In US they decided against shutting down openvaers.com, at least for now. We'll see how things will roll, but for now even in US from what I see on the streets and inside of stores, government propaganda drive is beginning to take its toll.

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yes, this is the biggest difference between the US/West and Russia, in my opinion: the propaganda just doesn't work that well in Russia)) meanwhile, even in the US, which objectively has more transparency (although still so many lies, cover-ups, etc), some parts of the country are full of vax fanatics who will lecture you if you don't wear a mask. I have never seen such behavior anywhere in Russia, personally. (of course it must happen, but very rarely.)

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I refused to wear a mask completely this time around as governess Hochul made it mandatory inside. Never heard a single word from anybody, store employees or bystanders, at least in our little corner of the World called Western New York, but with a notable exception of 5 - 10% stubborn freedom lovers like myself people started to wear muzzles religiously again.

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Following that inventive, neither she nor his close friend Surkov will resuscitate in Maldives 2.0....I will take the front line instead, because, one guesses that the supercomputer would agree in that a powerful always harms more people than a simple and suffered taxpayer.

Will the supercomputer be provided with the texts of the books of religions for to make its judgements?

The problem is who will be the programmer...

The worst with these snob people is that they consider themselves always the best amongst us, as if they would be always making us a favor....I am sure they believe it..

May be the quantum computer Lord will award some surprises...


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Esto es interesante, Sasha, porque tu me envias un video en Español. De donde sabes que yo se hablar este idioma? En algun caso, lo boy a ver.

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I had no idea, Stanley, but posted the link anyway, since, usually, the audience in Russian related blogs is multilingual, or they are intelligent people who could guess what is being told by the images..

Minutes before this video ends, there appears the link to the second part, up left, although somehow a wild theory on who would be managing the I.A. Quatum computer, I find quite plausible the part when an I.A. achieves taking out by genetical engineering the part of human DNA which provides the human being feelings, emotions, creativeness, and conscience, to place a modified piece of DNA so that to get a happy unthinking slave.

Does that not fit with the current goal of the mRNA vaccines ( atending to the last discovering by The Quinta Columna, when you dehidrate the liquid content included in these vaccines, you get nanoconductors...a collaborator researcher in Italy, a geneticist, has just been assassinated two days ago...) and the WEF goal based on the result "you will own nothing and will be happy"?

A colonel of the Spanish armed forces was fired because of writting a letter to the Spanish Defense Minister requesting a precautionary stop to the vaccination campaign plus an analysis of the vaccines, since there are labs for this in the armed forces, due the obvious harm they are producing to sectors of the Spanish population...

Why there is such world wide consensus?

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Whitney Webb's article titled "A "Leap" toward Humanity's Destruction" includes:

=== =

They add that “biologically based treatments” for depression “are not being matched to the biology of the human beings they’re being used in,” and, thus, treatments for depression need to be tailored “to the specific biology” of individual patients. They clearly state that what needs to be addressed in order to make such personal modifications to treatment is to gain “easy access to the biological substrate of depression—i.e. the brain.”

Wellcome Leap’s program description notes that this effort will focus specifically on anhedonia, which it defines as “an impairment in the effort-based reward system” and as a “key symptom of depression and other neuropsychiatric illnesses.” Notably, in the fine print of the document, Wellcome Leap states:

“While there are many definitions of anhedonia, we are less interested in the investigation of reduced consummatory pleasure, the general experience of pleasure, or the inability to experience pleasure. Rather, as per the description above, we will prioritize investigations of anhedonia as it relates to impairments in the effort-based reward system—e.g. reduced motivation to complete tasks and decreased capacity to apply effort to achieve a goal.”

In other words, Wellcome Leap is only interested in treating aspects of depression that interfere with an individual’s ability to work, not in improving an individual’s quality or enjoyment of life.

= ===

There is a general (not absolute) consensus because there isn't any democracy. There are no truly independent, sovereign nation States. That's been the case for a while. It sticks out right now because the UN/WHO has been given and is exercising special authority for "one hour" (as prophesied in the Christian Bible). The WHO is very central to the emerging global biosecurity police State. The world is run by the transnational capitalist class and the global public private partnership. Political leaders (gangsters) simply take their directions from their more powerful gangster bosses. The clever "Public Health Army" demonstrates that fact:


Webb's article: https://unlimitedhangout.com/2021/06/investigative-reports/a-leap-toward-humanitys-destruction/

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I am no medical doctor, but my brain is still functioning normally and it has told me that this is the first time in the whole human history a deadly extreme contagious disease “Covid19” caused by the extremely deadly virus called SARS COV2 has infected the whole world’s population literally without any “official” treatment at all! And it’s also unprecedented in the whole human’s medical history especially the history of the so-called “vaccinology” that a bunch of “vaccines” for such non-cure “never-be-isolated” virus were developed “independently” and concurrently by several nations in just mere 9 months! Well, that’s according to “official narrative” anyway!

However from all the real and true world class medical experts such as Dr R.Malone, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Tom Cowan, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr Karine Reis, Professor Delores Cahill, Dr M.Yeadon, Dr P. Macullough, Prof Luc Montagnier, Dr David Martin etc… all the so-called Covid vaccines are not vaccine at all, but are bio-weapons which cause disease and harmful to people health especially our children!

Now thanks to your own investigation on Putnik V, Russia’s “bio-injection” are just Pfizer’s co-product!

Thus, In a nutshell, all so-called covid19-vaxs, regardless of name and "method of producing", are the same, which have been maiming and killing people around the world in almost the same way .. (blood clot, myocarditis, sterilization etc) ...with one exception though! According to Dr. Lee Merritt, Ashkenazi Jews would not be affected by mass sterilization through covid vaccines!


Go figure!

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Then, as Sheikh Imran Hossein has been advancing, we are assisting at the birth of Pax Judaica...

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Sheikh Imran Hossein is wise man. I watched several of his interviews and sermons/speeches, and found he is quite a scholar unique in his own way with wide range of knowledge.

-Years ago I listened to his very strong argument based on historical and factual events that Muslims should/must return the great Hagia Sophia, to the Orthodox Christians...

I do admire him and his wisdom although I am an atheist and anarchist.

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Jan 14, 2022·edited Jan 14, 2022

I wonder how is that you manage to keep your Twitter account...

Must be because you only talk badly mainly about the Russian vaccine, and that, benefits Pfizer and Moderna, eventhough you mention them also laterally, otherwise you would be banned as they have been thousands.

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could be because I only have 500 followers :)

But as you pointed out, all my tweets are basically "Sputnik V is not so great [just like the Big Pharma clot-shots]"...but maybe that's the way to avoid detection.

Funny story: I recently uploaded a video of Dr. Alexander Redko talking about Sputnik V (in Russian) and set it as unlisted. (It was for personal use.) YouTube wiped it within 10 minutes and gave me a warning. So there's definitely Big Tech censorship of Russia-related vaccine stuff, but maybe it's worse with Google/YouTube ....

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I had a similar experience with YouTube, which I just ignore now. I've just ignored it for a long time, because it's un-useable.

I uploaded something, set it to private or personal use (whatever the setting is called), and it completely disappeared. Google, a vaccine company among other things, not only censors, but it doesn't abide by any rules, it's own or others'. But gangsters aren't interested in rules. They are interested in power and what that power can get them, period. Alphabet/Google/YouTube is as evil as it gets.

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He also got vaccinated, got COVID, then Rogan opened his medicine cabinet and saved Tim too.

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Tim was being sarcastic! I’ve followed him for 2+ years. He loves Alex Jones. He introduced me to The Franklin Scandal. He wore a t shirt that said Free Ghislane Maxwell. He has company called “how to start a fake business” he is a genius actually.

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If true, even more of an L for RT!

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