The hypnotic power of Sputnik V

New study published by The Lancet shows Russia's flagship COVID vaccine causes lethal levels of denial

People are still pretending that Sputnik V is a miracle drug and that Russia is running circles around the West. Why is this happening? Does Russia’s vaccine contain a secret ingredient that triggers severe cognitive dissonance and denial?

Case in point: Dmitry Orlov—a much-admired voice in Russophile Indy Media—has written a piece arguing Russia is now reaping the rewards of its 11D geopolitical chess strategy, while the puny West commits suicide with its gross clotshots. This is pure C-O-P-E.

It’s a very weird article. Before Orlov even touches on COVID/vax stuff, he praises Russia’s alleged hybrid war strategy, the “Gerasimov Doctrine”—which doesn’t exist.

There is no Gerasimov Doctrine. The dude who coined the term even admitted that it doesn’t exist. It’s an easily refuted, 100% fake NATO meme. Does Orlov have some hot Gerasimov scoops that only he knows about?

It’s very, very odd. Anyway. Back to the mind virus.

According to Orlov, Russia and China have avoided being “genocided” by Big Pharma by developing their own, home-grown COVID serums:

China has largely fought off the pathogen and has produced its own vaccine while Russia has produced several vaccines, the most popular of which has been proven safe and effective and has been turned into a major profit center by being exported to 71 countries and earning Russia more export revenue than arms exports.

Describing Sputnik V as “proven” is a very unwise thing to do. This is not fact-based analysis. It’s dogma and it’s embarrassing.

(Also, is Orlov sure that Sputnik V is now bringing in more cash than Russian arms sales? In the first five months of 2021, Russia exported $303.6 million worth of vaccines; since the start of this year, Russia has signed arms exports contracts worth over $10 billion. How does this math work?)

But Orlov wasn’t done. He just couldn’t resist—he had to dunk on the Western clotshots, even though all of his dunks also dunked on Sputnik V:

Meanwhile, not only are Western vaccines proving less than 50% effective (much less than that for Johnson & Johnson) but thousands of people are actually dropping dead or becoming severely ill from them. Most alarmingly, young, freshly vaccinated athletes are dropping dead from heart attacks right in the middle of a game—dozens of them! The only possible response to this by the authorities—the only one they are capable of—is to double down, requiring everyone to get vaccinated again and again. The marketing strategy of “if our product makes you sick, we’ll give you more of it” is hardly ever effective and, in due course, it is producing open rebellion in many places, shutting down entire industries and generally playing havoc with societies and economies. Mission accomplished!

Orlov is scoring back-to-back touchdowns against the West and the Big Pharma cabal, apparently unaware that Russia is also making people get vaccinated again and again, because Sputnik V doesn’t work as advertised. Literally everything he typed can be applied to Russia/Sputnik V.

By the way, a quick refresher on Sputnik V’s fabled effectiveness:

April 2021: The award-winning failure behind Sputnik V, Alexander Gintsburg, says he thinks the vaccine will provide full protection against COVID for 5, maybe 10 years—maybe even longer.

May 2021: Gintsburg says Sputnik V remains effective for two years.

June 2021: Gintsburg says you’re going to need a booster shot in six months. Sorry about that!

It’s literally the same con being played in the West. They are identical cons.

And if Sputnik V is some kind of antidote to Big Pharma Evil, why is Russia conducting joint research with Big Pharma aimed at developing a Sputnik/Pfizer clotshot cocktail?

Can Orlov explain the massive tidal wave of COVID “deaths” that emerged out of nowhere immediately after the Duma elections, providing the perfect excuse to impose highly unpopular vaccine mandates across the country? Maybe we should ask the IMF.

Sorry, but it’s all lies. All of it.

I started this Internet Blog after asking myself a simple question: “Russia is adopting the same soul-raping COVID decrees currently being rolled out across the Western world… is this okay?”

It was a painful question to ask. At the time I was working for RT and had spent the last several years playing defense for the Kremlin.

Eventually I had to admit to myself that I had been hoodwinked—big time—and that I had allowed this to happen because my “incredulous” approach to dissecting Washington talking points was MIA whenever the Kremlin mounted its soapbox.

I think this is a problem a lot of intelligent, well-intentioned people struggle with. I understand and I’m sympathetic. But at a certain point, the ignorance and denial becomes willful.

Orlov is really doing a huge disservice to his readers. He should probably stop.