What I've come to realise in this war, is that the vaccines are not vaccines. They are prisoner tattoos or slave stamps, because the vaccines are linked to the vaccine passports, which decide if we can live our lives or not.

Humanity needs to reconsider what constitutes a war. They are not defined solely by guns and bombs.

This is an actual war to enslave us, which in a way is worse than conventional wars because many would rather be dead than to spend their whole existence monitored, terrorized and subjugated.

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When I heard Canadian patriot and others speak of Russia and China competing on a unipolar alliance, I used to believe it.

But recently what Vanessa Beeley said about Syria helped me see more. Russia is letting Israel destroy trade routes with Iran, so Russia gets left with their trade routes.

It's global capitalism, globocap, as cj Hopkins likes to call it, that has and continues to enslave humanity.

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London has a special place in the hearts, minds, pocket books, hopes, plans for children and other aspirations of Russian elites, so this connection between Russian Big Pharma business and the British one doesn't surprise me at all. Funny enough, among themselves they often call London - Londongrad, by analogy with Leningrad or Stalingrad, just to reflect the fact how at home they feel there. Some of the more popular songs in Russian pop music are about London, like "I'll move to live in London" by Timati and Grigory Leps, or "I dreamed of the skies of London" by Zemfira (links below).



With this cultural digression aside, here is an interesting article I have found on the "conspiratorial" theories why Astra Zeneca may not be the best partner for R-Pharm and other Russian companies. This link will do an automatic translation from Russian to English through Yandex service that is superior in accuracy when it comes to Russian - English translations as compared to Google.


With all the importance of the Sputnik V topic, there is something more urgent going on right now. Big protests broke out in multiple large cities in Kazakhstan. Protesters and police were engaged in violent exchanges last night. Kazakh president Toqaev accepted government resignation few hours ago. The claimed reason for protests is the sudden price hike for LNG fuel, but the patience of Kazakhs was also exhausted by the strict anti-COVID measures implemented by government. The chance of these protests springing to regions in Russia is remote, but it is not zero. Russian people's confidence in the economic recovery has dipped to lowest level in 15 years according to Gallup poll.


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Great post! Just in time for my new single, Gigavaxxed, Triple Masked (BALLIN')


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Strategic Culture Foundation is another progressive org that I used to have some use for. That's 'used to'.

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While appreciative that this blog provides a critical look at the Russian vaccine effort, a couple of things:

First the big picture away from the vaccines to Russian industry in general: for better or worse - and for many critics esp on the Left or Nationalist Right in Russia it is worse - the Kremlin has never eschewed working with Western corporations whether Big Oil, Big Tech, Big Pharma etc. Russia actively participated in Davos, invites foreign firms to collaborate through various international fora and so on. It is the Western Governments who have impeded cooperation between Western and Russian industries for geopolitical reasons not the Kremlin. So the notion that “Aha, see Russia is cooperating with Western industries” is not so much an “Aha”: not only has it never been a secret but openly desired by the Kremlin. It is Western Govts who have tried to cut industrial ties with Russia, not the other way around.

Only due to the threat of sanctions has Russia had to evolve a measure of self-sufficiency especially in critical areas, including Pharma. Achieving self-sufficiency in Pharma design to manufacture is tough for any country. China has many raw materials. India has large manufacturing capabilities for example.

Specifically on the vaccine: again there is no “Aha” in any of this. If there were no sanctions, the Kremlin would no doubt have worked even closer with Western manufacturers like AstraZeneca. Russia has had to adapt because of the now permanent sanctions which seek to strangle Russian industry both for production internally as well as externally.

There are two opposing forces in the West: geopolitically, certain planners want to strangle Russian economy to maintain hegemony. Other forces want to partner with Russia given its large population (relative to European countries) and raw materials and sell more product.

Sputnik V is a case where geopolitical planners want to limit Russia’s exports to both limit its reach and to preserve their own markets (this is why the EU or the WHO have been dragging their feet to approve Sputnik V: it is no worse than any of the other vaccines they approved and claims are it may be marginally less worse)

The RDIF - whose ties with the Davos crowd is not only NOT a secret but explicitly promoted as a means to encourage Russian exports - is trying to sell Sputnik V by explicitly marketing it in many markets as a complement to and not a competitor to Western vaccines, while also touting its differentiating factors (its heterologous adenovector vaccine).

So none of this is a secret or a Big Reveal.

The bigger picture you are trying to get at is that ALL these COVID vaccines - whether mRNA or Adenovirus (DNA) based - are dangerous and Russia shouldn’t get a pass by those in the alt-media because of geopolitical reasons. Fair enough. But it’s best to stick to data on Sputnik V’s effectiveness and safety both in absolute terms and relative to Western vaccines rather than breathless AHA’s about stuff that’s openly admitted as a goal (to have closer industrial ties with the West while striving for self-sufficiency).

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Glaubt hier wirklich jemand dass Russland nicht an der NWO mit macht, ebenso China???

Am Ende werden die Menschen den Herrschern zu Füßen liegen und sagen:

"Macht uns zu euren Sklaven, aber füttert uns"

Die Sklaven werden ihre Knechtschaft lieben.

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A Double Poison Death Shot! Wow, what a combo! Die quicker and you won't feel it!

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