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Hi Edward, thanks for a great review on the BRICS meeting.

I came to the conclusion some time ago that BRICS, which was an acronym invented by a Goldman Sachs executive, is simply a division of the World Government Alliance of the Davos globalists, and I believe they are deliberately dividing the world into 2 camps to take us into World War 3, and we can now look back and see that when the League of Nations was failing to create a global order, because many nations would not sign up for it, they divided the League into 2 world blocks, with Germany and Japan the leaders of the block that took us into World War 2. It was all the same maneuvering we are seeing today.

BRICS is just the flip side of the same coin of global fascists who are hell bent on smashing up the world, taking all the wealth for the 1%, impoverishing the majority again, and use war for genocide once more, adding to it their continuing vaccine holocaust based on lies, lies, and more goddman lies, the biggest being that pandemics and climate change are threats.

And we are all trapped in the system because the apex predators own the International Monetary System, and have arranged the global economy under the global monopoly capitalism model both of which not only act as a global wealth extraction machine, but as a massive poverty generating machine - we are all literally trapped in their f***g matrix, funding the globalists and big governments who are waging civil war against citizens in every nation.

Ah - I am ranting in frustration - enough said.

Ivan M. Paton

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"Public-private partnerships" has its own "good" old name - FASCISM!

Thank you Edward for another important article.

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It's so sad that Riley is always lying about Russians. As someone with Russian inlaws I can assure that my mother in laws borscht is the best in the world and you know what the secret ingredient is? That's right, sustainability. Did you know that equity and development are recurring themes in Russian existential literature? You sure wouldn't learn that by reading Riley's blog. For shame.

Sustainability in regards to development are the corner stones of the famous Russian soul. As Winston Churchill said Russia is a development wrapped in equity inside a...some kind of sustainability. Those are the values that make them who they are and all of Riley's empty platitudes and buzz words won't change that.

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Great job Riley at unveiling the truth about BRICS fantasy world fairytale. Power corrupts.

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I have come to realise Putin was the perfect pawn to destroy Russia, they promoted him as a Ultra nationalist leader for 20+ years that seem to had Russia's best intrest at heart and didnt take shit from the west. Well it worked. Now the Kremlin has shown its true colours by assasinating Prigozhin and jailing dissenters and other government critic's... sounds familiar anyone? Anyway after reading this article i now have no doubt that Russia is back under Rothschild control, Putin must have bended the knee sometime ago, as by praising the UN as the highest authority that must be respected Russia reveals who their masters are. The UN is a Rockerfeller/Rothschild/western elite you know who organisation. Putin must have realised his underlings were too incompetent or corrupt to conquer Ukraine and that his army is now in a quarmire with Russians being killed off on a daily basis and weakened by Terrorism,drone attacks sanctions, and having to import asiatics to replace the Russians killed in Ukraine to keep the economy going. Unsustainable in the long run.

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Bloody hell. Is there no good news anywhere in the world at all?

What about getting into the minds of these fools? I don't suppose they think of themselves as evil monsters. So what do they think? Where is the mismatch between what they think and reality?

Cannot we find it and point it out to them?

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As someone who lives in South Africa, I read this article with a proper sense of humour.

I do like your sense of irony Riley and you do write very well.

What I can tell is our Prez Squirrel Ramafuck ain't no stupid fucker.

What he's done is align a meagre USD 500BN economy with rich partners who have a collective economic GDP value of say USD 25TN.

Now with six other Arabic, African and Latin American partners that USD 25TN can go to probably over USD 35TN.

Smart move.

If all his rich partners can help solve South Africa's electricity supply problem and assist with other socioeconomic problems - then good on you Ramafuck.

Ramafuck never made covid injections compulsory.

He could never control the will of South Africans.

South Africa is the freeest nation on earth - just as long as you can pay.

He lifted lockdown quicker than most other nations.

He's a better leader than every white fuck in the first world.

So yes, he talks the "globalist" talk - all African leaders do - just show us the money.

So all your theoretical quibbling about the globalist agenda is really horseshit.

It's time for the global South to row its own boat against the crap tide of the USA, Canada, the UK, EU and all aligned vassal states.

If Ramafuck has to wear a loincloth and run round a bonfire with fellow Africans chasing teenage girls; or drink vodka shots wearing a bikini with Bad Vlad; or ride horses on the Pampas and snort pure Buenos Aires cocaine; or learn Mandarin like Cristina did in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, then he will.

The last laugh is on all of you - banging on with the same tired nomenclature.

Thank you BRICS+ as it's now called.

Now show us the money you fuckers.

It's getting cold out here in the Vladivostok snow.

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Thanks for the excelllent summary of the late globalist festivities in Johannesburg. In addition to reiterating their commitment to the entire globalist programme, the detail that seems essential to me is the BRICS showing their devotion to the institution that is central to their slavery, the IMF, the monetary instrument of the globalist usurocracy. The new WEST/BRICS dialectic is now designed to set the stage for the destruction of the dollar-based financial system of the West.

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The "Multipoloarity" it stings!

Should Putin tell the Russian solders that all that talk about 'sovereignty' and supporting 'traditional values' was really about bigger more inclusive things like fighting for sustainability, equity, utilizing genetic resources, the WTO, WHO, IMF and a rebranded flu? Imagine the inscriptions on the headstones.

Look, elites, when you want to start WW3 you need to have 2 OPPOSING sides to get the juices flowing. You remember, like Black hats vs White hats?

Who invited Schwab?

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Most disconcerting. A slap in the face of those who hoped for a fresh approach and an alternative to the world order they are trying to impose upon is.

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On behalf of peasantry I would like to thank Riley for working tirelessly to ruin our good mood.

No more harsh truth, we demand sweet little lies!

You can do it Riley, Nazi extermination camps were frequently disguised as transit camps to prevent victims from realizing its nature. with fake train stations, ticket windows, Red Cross signs etc.

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BRICS/multipolarism is a guileful attempt to herd reticent populations into Global Governance ironically using Rockefeller's UN. The ghoul must be hysterically laughing from his vampire crypt.☠️

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Rosca writers:

"Overcoming materialistic secularism and returning to Christ."

In pratical terms what is the idea? Returning to the glorious medieval times?

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BRICS Bros can shut up now

Everyone will eat ze bugs

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Just a couple of weeks prior to the BRICS summit a stadium was filled in S.A. with people calling for the you know what of a certain category of people - this was promptly downplayed by news outlets in the West and East and apparently this is not at all hate speech:

"Elon Musk and the controversy in South Africa over ‘Kill the Boer’: A song that encourages genocide?"


Yes, of course ... after 30 years of farmers being targeted there's nothing to see here folks ... Nothing it all.

A couple of days ago it was reported that:

29 August 2023

"A couple from Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal were severely assaulted on their farm while their

attackers shouted, “Kill the Boer, kill the Farmer”. Four attackers forced their way into the farmhouse

of Tim Platt and his wife, Amanda, during the early morning hours of 17 August. The attackers gained

entry to the house by breaking down the front door and security gate, as well as a window and

burglar bars."


I'm sure these events will be discussed at the next BRICS summit and S.A. will be severely rapped over the fingers for not being all-inclusive according to BRICS rules (considering that white people arrived more than 100 years before Bantu/Nguni (i.e. 'black') South Africans in the region). No?

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same wine. different bottle.

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