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Fighting back against the invasion of lies

The tragedy of RT

Why is Russia sending planes full of gold to London?

The central bank takeover of Russia

How much of Moscow's COVID data is fake?

Sputnik V: What you're not being told

Christmas got real

If the booster shots go on another two years

Staying cozy inside the "Russophile media" whale

Don't worry, Russia is different

Russian doctors worry about Zhirinovsky after EIGHTH injection

Q: How did indefinite immunity become infinite boosters?

Sputnik V: It's what Klaus Schwab craves!

Vaccine safety in Russia: No VAERS. No transparency. Only threats.

Slaughterhouse Russia

"QR codes are about fascism, not medicine"

The sad truth about Sputnik V

Russia's freefall into public health barbarism

Russian government sends strongly worded email to Edward!

"Enemies of the people": RT attacks Russian activists who oppose compulsory vaccination

Very serious Russian politician gets SEVENTH COVID SHOT

Russia's QR code regime is collapsing

"We are being led by amateurs at the direction of our enemies"

Russians say Nyet to the Great Reset

Russia's COVID cultists in full retreat?

All freedom will be lost when the war is won

Russia’s COVID coup d'etat

Edward orders full mobilization: how you can help!

The green checkmark that cares for all Russians

Brazen virus nihilism in the Russian government

What exactly does Sputnik V "do"?

Lady hospitalized with COVID wins vax lottery

Russians are not okay with getting QR-tagged

Vax shills flee in terror as Edward prepares new blog post

How forced vaccination will come to Russia

Bill Gates-linked technocrat is developing an "Omicron test system" for Russia

Russia to create new flavor of Sputnik V?

Russians urged to vax their cats

2 doses in 2 days! Putin is officially GIGA-VAXXED

Putin's "intranasal vaccination" doesn't pass the smell test

The myths about COVID Russia are crumbling

"I believe we are facing an evil that has no equal in human history"

The battle for Russia

Russia to start injecting kids with untested drug they don't need

The ugly truth about Russia's COVID wards

More non-stop lying from Sputnik V scientists

Cops hunt down Russians who politely asked Putin to stop nationwide QR-tagging

We all owe Putin a huge apology

A Bill Gates disciple in the Russian government?

In 2019, Russia studied how to create "a new type of society" using genome editing

What awaits Russia?

Sputnik V developer says Russia should start using Pfizer's clot-shot

Duma deputy: "Protect yourself and Russia from a coup d'état!"

Russian doctors blow the whistle on Sputnik V

Austria-style lockdown needed to keep Sputnik V Refuseniks away from Highly Effective Vaccine Recipients!

OUTRAGE: Russians will be FORCED to remove their life-saving face diapers in 2024?

The hypnotic power of Sputnik V

IMF correctly predicts arrival of compulsory vaccination across Russia

BLASPHEMY: Doctor questions efficacy of Russia's miracle vaccine, citing so-called "data"

Will RT allow any debate as Russia waltzes toward QR-Coded Paradise?

Moscow's friendly mayor dreams of "genetic passports" by 2030

Dispatch from Moscow: Life under the yoke of mighty Khan Sobyanin & his Virus Horde

TERRORISM: Russian doctor says vaccinated people not feeling so great, even though Putin said that's impossible!

Don't you want to take a ride in Schizo-Simonyan's RT vax van?

RT's editor-in-chief screeches at unvaxxed vermin: "STAY AWAY FROM ME"; former employee accepts her generous offer!

Putin's favorite scientist calls for apartheid against Unvaxxed as whiny Russians complain about "elimination of all human rights"

Russia teams up with Pfizer to create ultimate clotshot cocktail

Russia's main Sputnik V "manufacturer" purchased doses from undisclosed third party

Myth vs. reality in COVID Russia

Russia's favorite menopausal psychopath bans school-related public events until 2024

Russians in open revolt as National Guardsman admits QR codes are unenforceable (VIDEOS)

Special blood test will reveal which Russians are lying about their vaccination status, Sputnik's Papa Bear promises

"Indefinite lockdown" & nationwide QR codes arrive in Russia as Putin karate-chops soyboy Anglo-Zionist Empire

PEST CONTROL: Unvaxxed Russian shoppers fenced in like swine

BASED RUSSIA: Beloved statesman Dmitry Medvedev calls for "segregation" against unclean "COVID dissidents" as lawmakers say refusing voluntary vaccination should probably be illegal

Bombshell RT op-ed: Russia being 'reset' by power-hungry oligarchs?

NATO cancels Crimea invasion after 'city of Russian glory' sets up QR code checkpoints, prevents unvaxxed from entering or leaving

Argentina's health ministry says Sputnik V causing more serious side effects than AstraZeneca, Sinopharm jabs

Liberals in Russian government are carrying out West's COVID agenda? Top Russian news portal warns country is being destroyed from within

Russia's Fauci receives giant bag of delicious rubles

VERY COOL: Sputnik V's developer claims vaccine contains 'markers' that can be used to check if someone is vaxxed or not

IMPRESSIVE SQUALOR: Sputnik V invented in a halfway house?

Sputnik V is sketchy

Moscow DOUBLE-CHECKMATES globalist cabal, imposes lockdown AND indefinite QR codes!

IRRESPONSIBLE SUPER-SPREADER EVENT: Destitute Russian grannies ignore social distancing rules while digging through dumpster (VIDEO)

Russia mobilizes robot army to defend restaurants from unvaxxed vermin

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