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All I want for Xmas is an abandoned school in Novgorod

Moscow to prioritize Davos-endorsed plan to cattle-tag the planet

Season's greetings from St. Petersburg, city of logical mask decrees & temperature checks

Russia's friendliest bank will help BRICS implement the "climate agenda"

Sustainable surveillance

Stove faux pas & unrequited village-love

Putin mourns death of "extraordinary and wise" Henry Kissinger

Putin: "I have a SberDream"

The mystery of the vanishing Z

Moscow challenges Washington's fly larvae hegemony

Bludgeoning the proles with public health

The village called. Edward answered

At least we have each other

Russia's Finance Ministry says (again) that the digital ruble will replace cash

Why I went to the village

Moscow joins the global war on carbon

Sputnik V is officially useless

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RUSSIA: Questions & Answers

Take a tour of Edward's country manor

Is Putin in cahoots with the globalists?

Edward is a country gentleman now

It is time to ask more questions about Russia

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Kindergarten is for chumps

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Russia's "digital transformation": Come and see

Russia's banking system has SWIFT alternative ready

Russia must close the cattle-tag gap!

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G20 vs BRICS: Who is more sustainable?

One future

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Oh, hi there.

Cattle tags help you learn better

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Sustainable development: It's what BRICS craves!

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Prigozhin is DEAD?

Austerlitz happened

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Who is responsible for Russia's strategic planning in Ukraine?

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Elvira Nabiullina is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life

No, Putin did not ban 5G. Sorry about that

Oh, hi there.

What are Strelkov's alleged crimes? That's a state secret

Moscow will give Africa more unproven vaccines that nobody wants or needs

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Nice technocrats promise "safe & comfortable conditions" for Russia's Smart City inmates

"We reserve the right to inject you"

The Bank of Russia's CBDC: Myth vs Reality

Moravia is the last place where you can dress up like an Indian

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The future will be artificial & full of intelligence

Security forces arrest Igor Strelkov

Deep thoughts about the Russian economy

A new low for vax depravity in Russia

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How do people of modest means clip their toenails in Brno?

Is Moscow manipulating poverty statistics?

The digital ruble: It's finally here!

How I learned to stop worrying & love the ruble

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State agencies & friendly bank cheer for "transition to biometrics" in Russia

Is Moscow "anti-vax"? (No.)

Prigozhin's SMO: Views from Russian media

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The fall from liberalism to global technocracy

To deny Russia adopted coercive COVID vaccination is to deny reality

Sochi hosts UN conference to guarantee "indivisible biosecurity" in fight against "infectious threats"


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Russia from the Right

Oligarch with private army cancels cage fight with Shoigu, is exiled to Belarus instead!


"Unidentified military forces" enter Rostov


It's time for an alt media reset

Ignoring Russia's demographic crisis would be ill-advised

Fighting globalism's four dogmas in Slovenia

Let's talk about that puzzling peace treaty

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Ukraine: What would victory look like?

Friendly banker wants to crash Russia's economy by replacing bureaucrats with AI

PCR tests, gene therapy & juicy climate gossip: Russia's Davos kicks off in St. Petersburg!

Your Russia-related questions have been answered

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The Russians vs. the WHO: Good news, finally?

Will Moscow join the WHO's digital "health certificate" system?

So, Russia... (Q&A)

Everyone I don't agree with is a 6th columnist

Discussing video games with Russia's #1 chess player

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Momentous Edward updates

"Russian medicine is controlled by the WHO"

"Peace" has become a dirty word in closely watched Czechia

Moscow's WHO masochism

Living off the land in rural Russia

It's bird flu season in Russia (time to kill all the chickens, for public health)

How deep is Russia's demographic hole?

The ESG agenda is marching across Russia

Russia's neoliberal elites are thriving

It's time for Russia to turn inward

Maybe Prigozhin is just really stressed out?

Russia's "de-dollarized trade" with India is a face-melting farce

GigaChat: Gref's chat bot is already terrorizing Russia

Russia's SMO: A timeline of premonitions

39 questions about the war in Ukraine

Sputnik V returns to Earth

US vs. Russia: Who will win the Scam Olympics?

Russia revives Virus scam — right on cue

Fear & loathing on the home front

"Transparency" is reserved for the proles

Clot-shots for kids & other exciting news

The digital noose tightens around Russia

Digitalization without representation

Russians are also "dying suddenly"

Sunday link dump & open thread

Ask a Serb: An Orthodox Christian perspective on Ukraine

Russia is still complicit in the Great Reset

Køvíd & the decline of the West

Russians outplay digital IDs, again

No brakes on Moscow's biosecurity charade

How's life in rural Russia? We asked an expat villager

"But the digital ruble is different"

Nukes in Belarus: open thread

Putin & Xi's Moscow agreements

Things are getting very sustainable

Russia's economic sovereignty: status update

Georgian Maidan: An unwilling foreign agent's perspective

We're all war criminals now (open thread)

Georgian Maidan: Fake it till you make it?

Why do people think Putin dislikes clot-shots?

Russia & the lab leak theory

The essential Saker

By killing each other we became more free?

Digital IDs: What Russians crave!

Russia to introduce digital identity cards

Russia according to Russians: A guide

Russia's health minister is a WHO-loving schizo

Moscow vs. Davos? Let's ask Russian alt media

2023: An abnormal odyssey

The digital ruble: A friendly CBDC you can trust

Russia & the WHO: An abusive relationship

They have oligarchs. We have socially responsible entrepreneurs

Safe, convenient & for your protection

Sergey Glazyev commits ultimate 5D heresy

Russia deploys secret weapon in war for financial sovereignty

Did Putin endorse Gref's "pet project" for Russia?

UN agency: Unified Biometric System will help Russia achieve Sustainable Development Goals

Russia's Completely Avoidable "Shell Hunger" in Ukraine

Russia's Unified Biometric System: Question More?