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Ungrateful Russians give friendly centralized biometrics database 1-star Yelp reviews

Putin signs cinnamon-swirl biometrics law

'Tis the season for biometrics-giving

Russia's biometric nightmare

Sputnik V wins clot-shot World Cup!

One hundred years of cattle-tagging

Delicious blog posts coming soon

World leaders agree to cattle-tag the planet

Russia supports creation of Gates-Rockefeller "Pandemic Fund"

Kherson withdrawal: Views from Russian media

Maternal mortality in Russia tripled in 2021

Russian education (sponsored by creepy banks & American candy bars)

Rise of the Robot-Child

Let's talk about martial law (and other things): OPEN THREAD

Moscow's mayor is obsessed with your face

Things don't change. We change.

Russia's romance with "sustainable development" is getting freaky

Young Global Leader says Sputnik V can be modified for "more dangerous" COVID mutations

"Voluntary" compulsory COVID vaccination in Russia

The final hideous triumph over the human spirit

Sputnik V NOT included on list of mandatory vaccines for mobilized Russians

Sputnik V: It's what "alt media" craves!

Compulsory COVID vaccination in the Russian military: Just the facts, please

The ones we should be fighting will live on

The denialism about Russia's anti-human COVID policies has to stop

Russian doctors demand end to compulsory COVID vaccination for mobilized citizens

Russia begins vaccinating mobilized citizens (UPDATED)

Russia to create its own mRNA shot. Sure, why not?

Russian sovereignty & the curious state of "indy" media

Deep thoughts about Ukraine

Russia mobilizes: Open thread

Ukraine's counterattack: Unheeded warnings from Russia's pro-war hardliners

Insane in the Ukraine

Friendly banker wants to turn Russians into cyborgs

Amazing announcements from Edward

The perils of Putin tea-leaf reading

Russia's Great Reset: Facing reality

The gold-pegged ruble: System failure

Big Pharma & Russia unveil identical clot-shot scams

Six months later: Musings on Russia's SMO in Ukraine

Putin & COVID: What changed after February 24?

Putin & COVID: Who's in charge?

Putin & "international cooperation" on COVID

Putin & compulsory vaccination

Putin, Sputnik V & mass vaccination

Dispatches from Cringey Casablanca: Russia's Virus measures, economy stuff & Skripal musings

Coffee & Chubais: Sunday open thread

Is the Bank of Russia buying gold?

Q&A with Edward: Free-For-All!

Russia's demographic crisis is slightly worrying

COVID Russia: Impressive clot-shot nihilism

Moscow to expand "safe & convenient" biometric payment system

Cringey Casablanca: The abduction of Edward Slavsquat

Big Pharma's attack on Russia: A beginner's guide

An incomplete list of oligarchs who left Russia

"The problem is population": Gref's Davos-endorsed yogi seems nice

COVID Russia: The Virus Junta strikes back

Russia's "sustainable development" cult is decadent & depraved

Russia will eat the bugs

Q&A with Edward (#1): It's what paying subscribers crave!

At least we have each other: Q&A with Edward!

Russia beyond the headlines

Paradigm-shifting updates from Edward

Cringey Casablanca: The magic chacha

Greetings from sunny Shanghai!

COVID Russia: Closely watched clot-shots

Waiting for an exit visa in Cringey Casablanca

Genetic Russia

Putin vs. Big Pharma: The ultimate smackdown

Who's excited for CRIMEAN-CONGO FEVER?

Have sanctions made it harder to cattle-tag Russians?

Hello from a Caucasian hill

The Bank of Russia's gold games

Israeli Pfizer shill, Tedros, pharma executives & Kremlin goons discuss "increasing Russian public trust" in clot-shots

Russia & the WHO: Friends with benefits

Russia "moving towards" making COVID shots mandatory in the national vaccination calendar — health minister

Russian Fauci craves genetic monkey-shot

The Moscow Strain: Gone but never forgotten

Russia watchers unite: Deplatforming is bad. Good faith discussion is good.

Yes, Russia is part of the "sustainable development" revolution

Pandemic preparedness: It's what banking cartels crave!

Putin: Fight against COVID "still ongoing"

COVID Russia: Famous creep shills creepy new clot-shot

Russia & the Eternal Pandemic

Russia's selfless COVID-pill profiteers: Heroes of public health

A farewell to face diapers?

Super-sanctioned Russia: Economic crisis averted?

Russia offers to supply WHO friends with monkeypox PCR tests

Mass vaccination & climate change: A curious agenda at Russia's Davos

Russia creates genetic smallpox vaccine

Russia begins treasure hunt for Chubais' mountain of embezzled rubles

Russian Fauci's income magically jumps 480%

Russia fast-tracks CBDC: Digital ruble to be used in "real operations" in 2023

Moscow mayor begrudgingly cancels COVID extortion racket

Pining for neutral Ukraine

China doubles down on zero-soul policy

Russia & mystical acceptance of things-as-they-are

Russia creates cool new way to get myocarditis

Moscow does not believe in nationalization

Russian doctor warns against "totalitarian" pandemic treaty, says Bill Gates is a freak

Lavrov to Tedros: Russia still likes you

Edward's new Telegram channel & other exciting things

Russia might shred WHO agreements

Is Putin fighting to stop the clot-shots?

Russia & the WHO: Relationship status update

"Optimized" Russia

Biosecurity grooming

COVID Russia: Triumph of the Virus Scam

IMF-obedient Bank of Russia rejects gold-backed ruble

Russia's pro-war pundits have no illusions about Ukraine

Russia says it's fighting the whole world. Has anyone told Putin?

Will Russia dump the WHO?

Russia’s COVID shot collusion with AstraZeneca

Has Russia judo-chopped western sanctions?

Public health: It's what Shanghai craves!

OPEN THREAD: Can we talk about what's happening in China?

Yes, Russia is complicit in the Great Reset

"I am in awe of the sheer ruthlessness of Russia's withdrawals"

Russia & China approve Pfizer pill to treat "COVID"

Russia's central bank chief: Incompetent or just misunderstood?

Loathsome oligarch leaves Russia

COVID Russia: The new normal

"Stealth omicron" invades Russia. Quick, inject the children!

A clot-shot brings Russia & the West together

They're about to get away with the biggest crime in human history

Not supporting the Not-War is not okay

Kremlin cancels denazification of Ukraine?

At least we have each other (06/03/22)

Up next: Global food crisis?

War! There's no time to think. Comply

Russians still say Nyet to the Great Reset

Robbed again? West "freezes" Russia's reserves

War begins. But why?

Who speaks of victory?

Deadly mischief in Donbass. At least we have each other? (20/02/22)

"War" won't stop Russia's COVID clown show

The digital ruble: Economic sovereignty or enslavement?

Russia pushes for AstraZeneca/Sputnik V cocktail

Ukraine weirdness: Views from Russia

Is Russia self-sufficient?

Belarus adopts Russia-backed vax passport

At least we have each other (13/02/22)

Why did Russia's largest bank empty its gold vaults?

“How long is it going to last?”

Freedom convoy: Coming to Russia?

Digital ruble starts test run as Russia moves away from cash

Putin offers political asylum to Poroshenko: An actual 5D chess move?

Who (or what) is the biggest threat to Russia?

Russian truckers are organizing a freedom convoy

Edward chats with Whitney Webb

What's the deal with Russia? Nobody knows (yet)

Russia's gold reserves: The good, the bad & the ugly

At least we have each other (06/02/22)

Putin's "sustainability envoy" is a Bill Gates clone

RT is gross & unworthy of your sympathy

Russians vow to boycott new "security" ID

QR-blowback? Displeased Russians hang effigy of governor

Will the future be cattle-tagged?

Russia is getting gold-robbed

Lukashenko: Vaccine mafia is "dividing the markets and sorting people"

At least we have each other (30/01/22)

The QR-junta tightens its grip on St. Petersburg

Dmitry Medvedev: Worse than NATO?

The Bill Gates groupie who gutted Russia's healthcare system

Russia doubles down on omicron scam

More brazen disdain for the Russian people

The ruble is getting wrecked. WAR?

Edward's guide to Russia-watching

Lukashenko calls on "international crooks" to end fake pandemic

Russia gives up on COVID restrictions?

At least we have each other (23/01/22)

Russia's socioeconomic stability: Amazing or just okay?

A major victory for clot-shot transparency in Russia

Flee East to escape the virus scam? It’s futile & Russia is depressing

Scam alert: WAR!

Virus asylum: Is Belarus the "real" Russia?

Russia's creepiest bank is cattle-tagging children

Will the virus scam fail in Russia? Expats & media veterans weigh in

Russia shelves national QR code law: What now?

Russia: Anti-globalist oasis or clot-shot hellhole?

At least we have each other (16/01/22)

Vaxxed-to-the-max Massachusetts: A cautionary tale

A constipated control freak is tormenting St. Petersburg

Russian authorities shut down website that tracks vaccine-linked deaths

Kremlin clot-shot shills: Demoralized & defeated?

Fear & loathing in QR-coded Russia

An 18-year-old was coerced into taking Sputnik V. Now she's dead.

RT's sneaky plot to topple Putin

Russians give Sputnik V one-star Yelp reviews

Never forget: One day you'll also be a "terrorist"

Captured ISIS sultan confesses to invading Kazakhstan

Sputnik V: It's what oligarchs crave!

Did the Kazakh people expose our cowardice?

You will be tagged & you will like it

"They were simply killed": Brazen butchery inside Moscow's main COVID ward

Where is your red line?

Kazakhstan: Will Putin ignore the obvious?

St. Petersburg businesses defy the QR code yoke

"My QR code is more anti-NATO than yours"

Soros, Sputnik V & Kazakhstan

Sputnik V is a scam

Problem: How to crush the unvaxxed masses?

The Kremlin-Big Pharma alliance

The QR code siege of St. Petersburg

Russia adopts compulsory evacuation law & protocols for mass graves

Sputnik V blocks Edward on Twitter!

The false prophet leading Russians to digital slavery

Happy New Year: Russian children gifted empty boxes, dangerous injections

New year. New Edward. New hot scoops